Saturday, April 1, 2023

An April Fool


It seems that things are working out on Betty Loom so it's time to think about winding something new on the warping board so it will ready when this one is finished. 

After digging through the stash I found these older weaving kits so I thought it would be a good idea to use them up. I used to belong to a kit of the month club through Cotton Clouds.

These particular kits don't come with the patterns (drafts). You have to buy them separately through what used to be Interweave Press but is now Long Thread Media. To my dismay I discovered that you have to have a subscription to access most of their library now. I bought the $30 yearly digital subscription before realizing that there are actually three tiers of subscriptions and to access what I needed I would have to upgrade to the most expensive-$199 a year. That's not happening. I guess what I am going to have to do is cannibalize the kits and use the patterns for what they do give me access to. 
Lesson learned: Look before you leap.


  1. Yes, I got out of their materials bc the prices just got way too pricey! Sorry. You will do something cool, even if it is plain weaving!

  2. That is a LOT of money for a yearly subscription. Whoo-ee! I know you though, you'll come up with a beautiful pattern for each of those kits.

  3. I completely loose trust in companies that don't make it Extremely clear what you're getting for your money. You've got some Gorgeous colors there though. I'm confident you'll come up with something on your own and end up with a beautiful finished item.