Monday, April 24, 2023

Making Time


All things considered, I somehow managed to get quite a bit of stitching done this weekend. I got the lattice on another Dear Jane and am almost finished putting together block C 13. One more hexie also got added to the table runner pile.

What's been filling up most of my time is cleaning and organizing my house since I am going to have a deluge of strangers tromping through it sometime this week. My house. You know, the one with the loom and three spinning wheels in the living room. Every nook and cranny is filled with my crafting folly. I feel like I am going to be judged rather harshly by the visiting medical folks. I hope they have a sense of humor. In spite of it all I've drug out yet another project. I don't have a quilt to piece at the moment so hopefully when things quiet down I can at least get it cut out. 

I am also back to work on this guy. I was halfway through machine quilting the fall batik when I put it aside for one reason or another most likely having something to do with Christmas but it's back in production now. Maybe I'll have it done by next fall. Maybe not. 


  1. Those medical people are going to be so jealous of all of your beautiful crafting things. There will be no judgement and if there is, just remember that they're just jealous. :-)

  2. I had forgotten about your fall batik - very pretty. I would not worry about being judged by the folks coming in to look after The Mister - their homes are probably in the same condition!!

  3. I'm sure the medical people have seen far worse! They probably see hoarders and all kinds of scary stuff. You're just crafty-crazy, not crazy-crazy

    Milky way is a really fun one. You're going to love it

  4. When the occupational therapist came to my home, he checked the shower/bathroom, bedroom, and living room/kitchen. It wasn’t a big deal. They just want to see potential obstacles.

  5. As long as you have a safe path through the house--don't worry about the edges! lol The quilt is worthy of a finish to get to use it this Fall!

  6. Your fall quilt is beautiful.

    I wouldn't worry about the home health care people. Trust me, they have seem it ALL and your house isn't even close to "it ALL". LOL

  7. Wow. How did I miss seeing your Fall Batik previously. It is a beauty.
    Greetings from Cairo.