Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Difference a Day Makes


I got several questions yesterday about the state of the beach here on the Chesapeake Bay. On Friday the warm weather brought out a crowd but yesterday it was only a few folks who could brave the cooler temps, wind and rough water. They were calling for thunderstorms.

Some of you were surprised that you could swim in the bay. You can but you have to pay dearly for it if you are not a town resident. It's free now for everybody until Memorial Day. 

When beach season is here and the place is open and manned they use this board to tell you what's going on with the water. They tell you about the jellyfish and the types of bacteria that has been found in the water so you can decide if you want to take the risk. The warmer the water, the higher the risk. The water temperature yesterday was 59 degrees and the water is still quite clear. It won't stay that way.

The Welcome Center has nice bathrooms and showers. They used to have a fancy doggy fountain on the pier but when dog flu became a thing they took it away. 

They still put out Milk Bones every day. There is one particular Golden Retriever that barks in rhythm as he walks along the whole length of the boardwalk until he gets to the window for his bone. It's very funny.

It's a very small town but there is a lot to do and plenty of good places to eat. We even have a fancy cheese shop and a beer garden. If you like shabby old beach towns this place is for you.

And......Betsy, you can drag your trailer down my driveway anytime but wouldn't you rather rent this house? It's right on the beach. That top level is one giant master bedroom with doors that open to that huge deck with a bay view to die for. It even has an elevator. It's pretty busy during wedding season but most of the year it stands empty. I've been tempted to break the bank and rent it for myself. It's only $845 a night. 


  1. I love shabby old beach towns! Cedar Key in Florida was one of my favorites. I adore Fernandina Beach, but it's not so shabby.

    Maybe we could pool our money and have ourselves a knitter's weekend at that huge house.

  2. Oh, I do like Dee's idea of a knitting weekend! What a pretty town!

  3. Fun town - I can see why tourists flock there every summer. That’s an impressive house!