Thursday, April 6, 2023

April Showers


We've been taking advantage of the 80 plus temps and have been power washing the filthy house and deck. 

The place looks like a haunted house every fall. It's practically covered in spider webs that make a terrible mess. It was not easy getting off all the goo after this mild winter. They were apparently working overtime. The Mister is done his bit but I'm still working on the deck. Happily, today's predicted thunderstorms have given me a day off-thank goodness. After The Mister dropped the ladder on my head yesterday I could use a day off. I was thankful and a even a bit surprised when I woke up this morning since I got quite a good whack. All that drama proved that we are TOO DARN OLD to be climbing ladders. Next year we'll hire someone to do the job. 

In spite of being tired at the end of the day, knitting has been happening. Musselburgh gets picked up every night but it's still not up to the 18 1/2 inches I need in order to start decreasing.

Riddari is also growing-slowly.  I can't wait to get to the fun part. It's still great TV knitting but who needs a lap full of wool when it's 83 degrees outside? This may have to go in time out until fall. 

Poor BonAmie and Chestnut are stacked up on a chair by my stitching table. I'm lucky if I get one round a day on one or the other. None of this really matters because soon I'll have plenty of time to catch up because....

......The Mister got his surgical instructions yesterday and the big day is April 6:15. In the morning. Good golly that's early. He's got several appointments for pre-op tests in the next two weeks and we've been warned that if one of us even gets a cold everything is off and we go to the back of the line. A line that has a 6 month wait. We're not taking any chances so starting today we're back in lockdown. We did a Walmart pickup and a grocery pickup and have piled our old pandemic supply corner up with everything we need to get us to that date. I want it all over with as much as The Mister does. We've only been waiting four months already. 


  1. You two are so busy all of the time. Projects galore. I might need to begin one of those gorgeous hats too. Although we didn't need anything that warm this winter, I know that this warmer weather won't last every year.
    Good for you in getting stocked up. A very wise move. More people are sick at Mom's place and she's still testing positive.

  2. Good to do those outside Spring chores as early as you can. It needs to warm up before I’ll be out washing windows though. Grocery pickup is such a convenience, and I’m still using the service nearly every month.

  3. Looks like you two will be ready for the big event. It will happen before you know it. And a resounding yes to hiring someone to do that nasty work!

  4. Make good use of the few weeks until D-Day! The hat is so very pretty!

  5. Oh my goodness! I hope your head is okay. All your knitting projects are drool worthy. Stay healthy! Wishing the Mister a successful surgery and speedy recovery.