Saturday, April 8, 2023

In the Nick of Time


I spent yesterday getting all the binding sewn down on the spring placemats so I could use them for Easter dinner. We're not hosting or going to see family but I still wanted something special on the table. 

The best thing about this set is that it can stay on the table for a long while. I'm pretty much placematted out at the moment. I do have some beachy fabric I wanted to use for a summer set but that's going to wait. 

I do love the backing material and am glad I ordered it. I've got enough leftover for some smallish projects but for now I'm packing it away. 

I didn't even touch the jelly roll that I have from the collection. It's probably just going to join my jelly roll collection. I have quite a few and I can't ever bring myself to use them because they are just so pretty as they are. 

My other holiday table decor consists of a basket of scrubby yarn. My plan was to knit a few more scrubby pads but I never got around to it.

The only really big plans I have for this weekend is to eat my way through these two bags of jelly beans. I've already gone through two others. 


  1. Jelly bean fervor!!! lol The place mats are so cheerful--nice job!

  2. Those placemats would work all summer long with those happy bright colors.

  3. I can't believe I didn't buy any jelly beans this year. They're Dennis's favorites and around Easter I always have a small bowl of them out. He's been doing most of the grocery shopping though, so I don't get reminded of them while I'm at the store. Oops.
    The placemats are lovely. So happy and springlike.
    Have a great day Debbbie.

  4. Love the placemats! Hope you had a great Easter.

  5. There was no Easter excitement here either. Dave is off sugar, and I'm trying to be supportive - so no candy or chocolate.
    I was at Mom's all weekend, coming home Sunday evening - I did bring him pizza and wings... so that counts, right?