Friday, April 14, 2023

Another Trip Around the Sun

It's this guy's birthday today. The Mister has officially made 69 trips around the sun. He didn't grow up to be a cowboy.

He grew up to be a mailman.

We've gone through some crazy stuff in the 30 plus years we've been together but the last few have certainly been the craziest. Mange? Who'd have thought that was on our bingo cards.

There's been all that home remodeling that never ends.

And... covid lockdown and jabs to name just a few of the trials and tribulations we've sailed through together. 

We are less than two weeks away from our next big adventure-his hip replacement. After all we've been through I think we can handle it. It seems like just a very small bump in a very long and winding road. 


  1. The happiest of birthdays to The Mister. I didn't know he was a mailman! You have definitely been through a lot. The last few years have been pure craziness haven't they. With us, add 4 moves in 2 1/2 years, including a winter in the mountains in our camper!
    Have a great day celebrating with your guy.

  2. Happiest of birthdays to The Mister!

  3. Happy Birthday to The Mister! I wish him the best on his next adventure. Take care.

  4. Boy, can I relate to this post! We've gone through a ton, too, and the two full days of air travel added anothere whole facet but we ended it by just laughing together! A very happy birthday to your man!

  5. Happy birthday to the mister! May there be many more trips around the sun for him - and maybe some dancing with that new hip