Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Walkabout Wednesday


They bay was roaring on Monday. It was as angry as I've seen it in a long while. You couldn't walk on parts of the boardwalk without getting a shower. I loved it. 

Right down the road a bit you can visit Herring Bay which apparently wasn't being affected by the same winds. It was almost dead calm. You can put a canoe in here for free. We should get one. 

The Mister is having a birthday this month and I bought him some new binoculars. In spite of the wind it was a good clear day for trying them out. We've always wondered what was on the other side. Big houses. Very big houses. We could also see the Bay Bridge which reminded us that every year we say we are going to Ocean City for a day or two off season so we can take Pup. We never do. Maybe this fall. Maybe not. 


  1. Beautiful ocean photos. I miss the ocean. The Mister seems to be happy with his new binoculars. I hope you get a lot of use from them and get to take your mini trip this fall.

  2. I'd love to be near the bay (or ocean, or river, or even a little stream). I miss just watching water do what it does.

    Happy birthday to the Mister!

  3. The bay looks angry! LOL On the other hand, Herring Bay looks so peaceful.

  4. I love watching water, but the idea of being in a canoe fills me with anxiety. Happy Birthday to the Mister.

  5. I think I enjoy every stage of the water's energy! Fun to 'peek' at the neighbors! lol