Monday, April 17, 2023

Catching Up


When I finished the lattice on the latest Dear Jane block I thought it might be a good time to get them all out and see where I am. 

Using the book as a guide I labeled the back of each block with its position in the quilt. If you'd have asked me I would have said I was still on the first row but I discovered with surprise that I am actually on the fourth row. 

There is no way I will ever finish the 225 blocks that make up the entire quilt but I thought I might as well make a few more and get that fourth row done. I had to sort out the block pieces first. They come all jumbled up together in a bag for each row which is 13 blocks.

After doing all this I discovered I still hadn't finished block #13 in row C so I had to backtrack and get that one started first

While I had all the paper piecing things out I thought I might as well add another hexie to the pile. I haven't touched this table runner project in ages. I only need four more in order to applique it all down.

And....I have to thank Sandflies once again for a surprise package of specialty coffee. It was Saturday night and we heard a big bang at the door that sent Pup into a barking fit. What on earth? It was a delivery from a very brave fella with a flashlight who dared walk down our long driveway to drop the box off. I'm grateful he made the trip because our Sunday morning coffee and waffles were extra special. Thanks so much, Sandflies!


  1. WOW! That's all I can say about those gorgeous blocks and hexies. That is so much work. Good for you. I don't drink coffee at all so I've never understood the attraction but we have some coffee addicts in the family and I know better than to get between them and the first cup of the morning! :-)
    I started a new diamond painting today. Those things are so addictive. I say, one more row and before I know it I've done ten!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. That quilt in the book is amazing, I bet you could do it eventually. our blocks are looking great, as are your hexies. And how lovely to get a coffee delivery!

  3. Definitely not a quick quilt project but I am glad you are sticking with the Dear Jane blocks. The Hexies look fantastic! Glad you enjoyed your coffee delivery!

  4. I love your fiddly little piecing projects!

  5. Four rows would make a great table runner if you don’t want to continue making Dear Jane’s blocks.