Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday: Oh, Gee...


See that little G in the newly finished right hand corner? It took me three tries to get it in the right place. How hard could that be you might ask but apparently it was harder than I thought. It kept creeping too close to the newly stitched flower over and over. Stuff like that keeps you humble. 

So does stitching baskets of apples. I was not pleased at all with the results at first but it's growing on me. 

I had better luck with the big cow.....

....and the big flower. I've got sheep to stitch next. Pink sheep. That sounds like fun. 

And......have you ever played mind games with a project? I keep telling myself I want this. I go to order it at 123 Stitch. Decide I don't want it. Then convince myself to go back to order it only to find out that it is sold out. Every time. I've been doing this over and over for months now. It makes no sense but then neither does stitching all these things just to put them in a drawer. I think this might just be a new definition of insanity. 


  1. All of these projects are just so beautiful Debbie. I really like all of these kits. You seem to choose the same type of things that I would.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Your Quaker is gorgeous and the pink sheep sounds cute! I keep vacillating back and forth on my next project...constantly.

  3. Hen Peck is awfully cute. Even if it does get stuck in a drawer, at least you had the fun of stitching it.

  4. The cow pile is really cute. One of the reasons I quit x-stitching was the lack of wall space, and I regret stopping. Like Dee stated, “at least you had the fun of stitching.”

  5. Hahah - I do the exact same thing with quilt fabric at Missouri Star Quilts. I have ZERO time to sew right now, and the stash is overflowing. I do not need more.. but every time something sells out, I kick myself for not getting it!

  6. So what-so you enjoy stitiching them so stitch away! lol