Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Love is Back


I'm in love with my loom again. My last project, which was the first one in a few years, had soured me on the whole thing but this time around everything is going as planned. 

For some reason the original draft did not include floating selvedges and the wonky edges drove me crazy. Look at these edges. I added my own floating selvedges this time around and they are perfect-at least for this newbie to the whole weaving thing.

When things go right even the smallest things are a joy. Bobbin winding is even a treat. I was worried about how this color combination would work out and it's not too bad. At least the threads aren't snapping at every pass. Not yet anyway. Knock on wood. 

Now that things are chugging along nicely I could take a joyful dive into the stash.

In the latest edition of Handwoven I found the draft for these and I'm thinking I found a project. It's called Rosebud Trellis. Two colors. No muss, no fuss. I'm excited. 


  1. The one on your loom is just beautiful. Perfect spring coloring.

  2. The project is so pretty but I really like the one on your loom now. Weaving is something I never even understood, but I can enjoy looking at others beautiful things.

  3. Oh, what a joy when things go well! The newest towel on the loom and the one you have in the plans are beautiful!

  4. Your weaving looks great! Everytime you post about it, it renews my desire to learn.... except, I don't want to start off on something small. I want a giant, room sized floor loom. :)