Saturday, April 22, 2023

Beach Blanket Bingo


The Mister and I were very surprised yesterday to see the beach looking like it was the middle of the summer. It was quite the festive atmosphere. They were predicting 80's again and I guess everyone wanted to take advantage of it. 

Right across the street they are building our new library. They put the roof on the other day. It was quite something to see that big crane in action.

Down at the other end of town the crabbers are starting to return. Crab season started on the first of the month but it's been pretty slow going. We hardly see any boats out on the water. They have some tough regulations again this year due to a continuing decrease in the crab population. All the same, what The Mister is looking forward to after his surgery is to sit down to a dozen or so. That's all he's been talking about.


  1. Brrrr! I can't imagine that the water is very warm for those dipping their toes in it. I remember when Mandy lived on the Chesapeake Bay that they recommended no swimming because of the organisms in the water. All the same, it gives hope that spring and summer may actually arrive sometime this year.
    I hope The Mister is able to have his crabs after the surgery. The only place I have ever liked lobster is in Annapolis at a place by the bay and Naval Academy. Usually I think it tastes like rubber and don't like it, but I had a lobster roll there and fell in love with it. I think I'll need to come visit and park our trailer in your beautiful driveway and you can take me to al of the seafood restaurants! Ha!
    Take care and enjoy the great weather.

  2. I never thought about people swimming in the bay. LOL IS it allowed? Or do they just do it anyway?

  3. The day at the beach sounds good to me! The crab dinner sounds great, too! Hoping it won't be too long after surgery when he will be up to the crab dinner!

  4. We've had an extremely warm spring too. I'd love to be spending it on the beach, but I can't imagine getting in the water yet. Brr!

  5. Spring will soon turn into Summer! A crab dinner will give the Mister some incentive to do his PT exercises.

  6. I think surgery earns him a a few crabs!