Friday, January 28, 2022

Warriors of Winter


It's still pretty cold out but we couldn't stay cooped up another day. We still had all those sad trees out in the yard that had come down in the storm so we spent yesterday sawing and hauling wood. As cold as it was, it was actually a pleasure to get out in the sunshine and as they say....there is no bad weather, just bad clothes. We were layered up.

Pup was layered up pretty good too. I forgot to mention that the vet also told us she had cataracts and is losing her vision which is exactly what happened to my last  Yorkie. Dear Departed Pup went blind at 6 while Replacement Pup has made it to 8. She keeps falling down the stairs so I suppose I should have known because it's the exact same thing that happened with the last Pup. Time to get the baby gates out again. Sigh....

I was layered up in my favorite sloppy sweater which made it easy for me to finally pick a color scheme for the Holm mittens. I don't have any mittens to match this particular sweater and I have the yarn colors in the stash so I've cast it on. I didn't get very far because all that yard work wore me out. 

I was also tired from staying up late the night before getting Number 5's parts all finished and attached. I have found I can knit much faster if I take the chart and turn it into something my brain likes to work with which seems to be columns of numbers and symbols. These last two sleeves just flew by. 


  1. I need to get some kind of physical activity in but it's still icy around here. I may ask if I can have a key to the church so I can go there and walk laps inside. It's only 3 blocks away so close enough to drive if the roads are good.
    Poor Pup. I'm sure she wonders what is happening. That's probably another reason that she always wants to be with you.
    Love the colors for mittens and the beautiful tiny sweaters too. Someday when I find time, I'm going to make some of those. I'm making another sweater/hat set for our new grandbaby. I figure if I'm mailing a box to the UK, I better make it worthwhile and put something in it that she can where when she's a bit older than newborn!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww...poor Pup.

    Hoping this next round of nasty storms passes you by.

  3. You and the Mister sure have been busy! Don't wear yourself out. Poor pup - sorry about the cataracts. That's a pretty sweater - will be nice to have matching mitts!

  4. Pup looks so sweet all bundled up. Sorry about the cataract diagnosis. Your knit projects look great.

  5. Ageing pets are so tough. And how is pup 8???? Crazy. Burton is 5 this year I think. It doesn't seem like he should be! And if Burton is five, that means Relic is 8!!! (and Rupert 6) Hmmmm maybe it's kitten time again... lol. Dave would kill me!

  6. So sorry to hear about your puppy's eyes! Looks like you're making some pretty and warm mittens. Way to go! Stay warm.

  7. Oh poor pup pup. Stay warm. Im sorry we are both fee1ing iso1ated. I keep saying this is not forever. We had dr. appointments for 1abs today and getting out was actua11y de1ightfu1

  8. Nice job on the cleaning up and the mitten knitting! I love the traditional colors of red/black/white!