Sunday, January 16, 2022

Round Robin


It was a good day for having a lap full of wool. It never got out of the 20's.

I lined up all of my project baskets once again and spent the day taking turns putting a row here and a row there on them. I cast on that second Regia sock. Its mate is in my travel bag. I needed some color. My other projects are boring. 

I got close to finishing the latest little advent sweater. The 24 rounds for turtleneck is always a slog. It takes me a couple of days at least. 

I've got a bad case of startitis so in between knitting sessions I went looking for ideas on what to do with this DK weight yarn. I bought it for the little sweaters but it was too pricey and too nice for them. I haven't come up with anything yet but I'll keep looking. 


  1. It was indeed a good day for wool in the lap. And this morning my phone tells me it is 6 outside!!!

  2. I'm experiencing Winter Storm Izzy now-rain and high winds but my temps are still mild unlike your 20's! Looks like you found the perfect activities for inclement weather!!!

  3. It WAS cold yesterday.

    Are you getting snow today? We are supposed to, but then turning to rain over night. We shall see what kind of mess we REALLY get.

  4. In my world, 20 degrees is warm! It's 8 degrees now.
    But any winter day is good for hanging around with wool. I started a sweater yesterday and worked on that this morning. I'm sketching this afternoon, which is just right for such a cold day!

  5. It was really cold here too. The only time I went outside was to take Zoey potty. Today is warmer and a little of our snow is trying to melt although the hill out front is still completely covered with snow and ice. I did make it to the airport and back to drop Dennis off. Now I'm going nowhere else.
    I loved seeing your knitting projects.

  6. Fun to see all of your current projects! Hope you are staying warm!

  7. Looks like you've got lots to keep you busy over these cold winter days.