Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Guilty Party

Well folks, I think I know why last year was such a bust. That's my 2021 bag of lucky beans that I didn't cook. I found it this morning when I was looking for my 2022 bag of lucky beans. 

I did get my 2022 black eyed peas made. We ate them for lunch and they were good. Maybe it's a sign that there are good things in store. I sure hope so.

It was raining cats and dogs all morning so I sat down in front of the Rose Bowl parade and finished those socks. The first FO of 2022. Woo hoo!

Next up are these Uneeks. Also for me. By the looks of them they won't be finished any time soon. That's one long sock.



  1. Can you believe I forgot all about the Rose Parade??? Never even crossed my mind until someone on the news mentioned it at 6 PM.

    The finished sock is fabulous.

    Good luck with the Uneeks. The yarn makes really nice socks, but I had problems with the skeins and the yarn bled like crazy. Still does.

  2. Glad you cooked those beans and hope they work!

  3. Ugh. Beans. I really don't like beans so have never taken part in that tradition. Maybe your good luck will spread to your friends.
    Beautiful finished socks. And knee socks to make. I haven't seen those since high school. How fun!

  4. Oh we used to do that! I got some UNEEK yarn and I cannot wait to use it It was from my daughter.

  5. I think knitting a sock that long would kill me!Lol