Monday, January 31, 2022

Fun in the Sun


How it began.

How it ended.

The lady that delivers our Chewy stuff called us yesterday morning and said she had a big delivery but couldn't get down the driveway because of the snow so The Mister got the sleds out and off he went. It looked like too much fun not to join in so we spent the morning playing in the snow. 

We've got a nice long run down the driveway, around the house and down the back hill. The 2 inches we got was just enough for a good slide but not too much that it was hard to get back up the hill. Pup had a blast running back and forth. 

It was cold. In the 20's but it was sunny. My Lopi did a great job of keeping me warm and dry. I didn't even put my boots on. I just put a pair of handspun socks over my usuals. 

Before all the fun I had cleaned the heck out of my house so the afternoon was for knitting and sitting with the emphasis on the sitting. 


  1. Well now, that's the way to have some fun on a snow day! I love the look on your face as you're coming down the hill. It looks like that was just what the doctor ordered.

  2. that looks like a lot of fun! The woolens make quite a difference in keeping warm. the newest mini sweater is in gorgeous colors!

  3. Love it! You really do have to take time to enjoy the little things!

  4. What fun! I haven’t been on a sled in decades.

  5. Looks like fun, but I got cold just looking at the photos!