Sunday, January 23, 2022

Hobbits and Rings


I am so tired of this cold weather. Cold around here means 30s, 40s and 50s not 10's and 20s. At least it was sunny today but I was still in a grumpy mood so I spent the day sitting on the couch in a huff watching Bilbo and Frodo do their thing. It's been a while since I've sat through the trilogy and the Hobbit movies. While I was watching I got all 10 decreases done on Althea's sleeve and started the cuff. 

It's not really a good thing to be knitting with this kind of unspun stuff when you are not paying complete attention. I had a few breaks and drift aparts but they didn't bother me a bit. I am so over everything right now it would take a lot to get a response of any kind about anything. My give a hoot meter has flat lined. 

I did not however spend the whole day on my backside. I got up long enough to make a chocolate gingerbread cake ala Nigella. It's another crockpot cake since the oven....well, you know. It wasn't half bad this time. The chocolate frosting helped. Chocolate frosting helps everything. 


  1. It was 11 degrees when I went out yesterday. But, I won't complain (much). After 33 years of oppressive heat and humidity, it's a good change.

  2. I love to watch a whole show like that--and look at how much of the sleeve you finished! The cake looks like a delicious treat!

  3. oH YES CHOCO1ate he1ps everything.
    I 1ove your knitting Deb. We are expecting more snow tonight. I am tired of being co1d. I spend my days under a heated throw, with a warm sweater on. Some days my outdoor heated vest going on. Its me. Not the house. Im having my thyroid 1eve1s checked this week. Im under many b1ankets for s1eeping and I a1so wear a sweater to bed,
    1ike Margie in Fargo!

  4. Frosting helps everything. Cake is basically a vehicle for frosting.
    That Icelandic yarn scares me. It doesn't seem possible to frog that sticky stuff! Plus, it's itchy!

  5. Those four movies and the Lord of the Rings are our family's favorite movies. I love days like you had of knitting/crocheting and movies all day! The sleeve looks great.
    It was 6F here when we left for church this morning. Silly me just wore a cardigan!
    It's almost the end of January. Spring will be here soon and then it will be hot and humid. Bleh.