Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Sandwich Interrupted


Before the snow made front page news I was back to working on the little quilt on Sunday. 

We were supposed to start the floor on Monday which meant dragging all the kitchen and dining room furniture into the living room. I needed the big table to lay this out so I thought I better get moving on it. 

I also cleaned out the Juki corner of the sewing room and made some little charm square practice pieces so I could work on the tension. I never get it just right. Maybe one day. That's as far as I got though. I spent yesterday shoveling, dragging brush away and helping The Mister pull a tree off the house. Good times. 


  1. That is going to be the sweetes quilt. I really like the fabrics.
    Just think of all of the exercise you're getting between the kitchen, snow removal, tree removal and hauling brush. :-)
    Just kidding. I hope the weather improves greatly for you.

  2. It is always something, huh? That's a cute little quilt though.

  3. Fun fabrics; I love the little dinosaur square. We are supposed to get snow today and then warmer weather tomorrow. Finally!

  4. Fiddling with tension issues are frustrating. I hope you’re able to adjust it without too much difficulty.

  5. Is that quilt for the new grandbaby? The fabric is adorable.

    Hope the tree came off the house okay. That is a LOT of grunt work taking care of that kind of stuff.

  6. It's always something! I hope the tensioning went well at least! The quilt is very pretty!