Thursday, January 20, 2022

Snow Days


We had a grocery pick up in town so we took Pup for a walk in the nearly deserted Park and Ride nearby. There were still a lot of really great snow piles to play in even though it was almost 50 degrees and sunny yesterday.

Pup was not thrilled with the snowball throwing but she had a good run around on the pavement. 

I got some knitting time in on the ride over and my knitting brain kept sending out warning signals that I wasn't going to get a matchy matchy pair.

I had knit on its mate the night before and I could have sworn they wouldn't be the same....but they were. So much for the knitting brain.

Back at home I finished the baby socks. They don't look so weird now that there's two of them.

I also got a good start on the number 5 mini sweater. I thought I was on number 6 for some reason and was disappointed to find out that I have to wait for the pretty teal and yellow pattern. This one is navy and gray and it's going pretty quick so at least that's a good thing. 

The best part of yesterday was dinner. We rarely ever get take out but The Mister wanted pizza and since we are still oven-less we ordered his and hers Papa Johns which were not too terrible. I got the new New York style. I'm sure all that cheese was not a good thing but it might have just been worth it. 



  1. Pup looks so cute in her jacket.

    Looks like you had a pretty productive day.

  2. Pup looks so cute in her coat. Love your socks and those baby socks are just plain adorable!! Yay for a pizza night...we may need to do that tomorrow.

  3. I am impressed at all of the knitting you get done each day. It seems as if you never waste a second of your day - always knitting or stitching when you have a free moment! Well done!

  4. I love those winter days - when it's warm(ish) out but there's still snow on the ground.
    Almost all our snow melted yesterday - the cats were having a blast in the catio, and of course, brought all the mud in the house. It turned cold again over night though and now it's snowing again. Sigh... no spring for me yet.

  5. Pup looks adorable in the plaid coat. Great progress on your knits.

  6. Fun times playing in the snow, even if Pup didn't approve of the snow, she had fun anyway. I really like her outdoor clothes. I put a shirt and a fleece coat on Zoey when we went to the airport to pick up Dennis. It was -2F at the time!
    Cute little baby socks and big socks too. A perfect match!
    Blessings and hugs.

  7. Love all those socks! (I am making a pair that don't match at all. Sigh.) Your dog is a great model! Sounds like the snow is melting?

  8. Oh, what a nice change of scenery for you guys! Pup included! The socks are turning out great and the pizza looks fantastic!