Monday, January 24, 2022

Ice, Ice Baby


Have you ever? 

We went out exploring the frozen world around us and we found something we couldn't explain.

This we get but those odd looking bubble-like ice cubes? What on earth? We don't even see a water supply for any of this craziness. 

Now this makes sense. There's plenty of this.

And a lot of this floating around but those weird looking ice cubes? I say alien mischief. 

And.....The Mister and I have a standing thing when the weather gets really, really cold. We always look for the dude in shorts and there is always one. If you look to the left of the trash can you can see the latest streaking away. Everyone else is dressed like extras on the set of Dr. Zhivago and there he goes. At least this one had a hat on. 


  1. Weird for sure! I often see joggers in shorts, hats and gloves. I saw two girls in shorts Saturday morning at the Starbucks where I met up with Dee. Brave souls.

  2. Yep.....saw a guy with shorts and FLIP-FLOPS on Saturday. Your guy at least us running.

    Cool looking ice.

  3. Definitely a mystery isn't it? Weird. Last week when I crossed the Missouri into Iowa for groceries, it was covered with floating ice. The entire river. On Monday, there was n nothing. Saturday it was back again. That's what this winter has been like. Cold, really warm, extreme cold, warm and on and on.
    As for the shorts, there always seems to be one in every crowd. We had a guy at our church in Spokane that wore shorts year round. Even at -20F!

  4. Yes, there’s always one! These bubbles are weird but interesting.

  5. I have seen ice like that before, but usually under something that has been dripping on it... like around bridges and such.. was there an overhang that water could have dripped off of?

  6. Also. I'm pretty sure my husband would be the dude in the shorts. He's frequently outside in the cold in his shorts. He's got a lumber jacket on because you know ... cold... but also.. shorts.

  7. What an interesting water formation! I like a mystery like this! The guy in shorts reminds me of us on vacation coming to FL--one lady asked me where we were from because when it is 60 here, everyone bundles up! lol

  8. Is it big hunks of sleet? I have no clue.

  9. Those are amazing ice formations!
    There are no dudes in shorts in Wisconsin these days. It was 1 degree when I ran errands, and it felt quite pleasant.