Thursday, January 13, 2022

Phase 2


For those of you keeping up with the big kitchen adventure, here's an update. We thought we were going on to the floor phase today so we packed up and moved all the stuff out of the living room so we could use it for a staging area. My poor downstairs craft room is piled high.

This is the pile that we hopefully will rid ourselves of soon. It's the flooring pile that's been sitting in the downstairs all this time. We have the laminate flooring and all the tile we are supposed to put down in front of the door and on the landings. Boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff. I'll be glad when that's all used up and gone.

I was supposed to be chipping up the last little section of the old tile today only now we are in a state of limbo AGAIN because..............of the oven. I decided to do one last burn off at 400 degrees yesterday and after about 15 minutes the house filled up with those thick acrid fumes AGAIN. The day the technician came to change the fan he only turned it on for about 10 minutes at 350 and it seemed good to go. I was elated. BIG mistake. No one bakes for 10 minutes. The Mister spent the day screaming at the Frigidaire people who at this point really don't care and expect us just to live with it. The only solution seems to be is to take the loss and just have it hauled away and buy a new one. Sigh....

All that drama pretty much ruined the kitchen mojo so we took the rest of the afternoon off and went outside to get out of the fumes. It was the nicest day we've had in a long while. We got to see seagulls ice skating on the frozen creek down at the marina. 

The ice is very thin. It was in the 50's and sunny and it felt so good to get out. We even watched some crab boats unloading.  Kitchen smitchen. We'll figure it out. 


  1. OMG --- I can't imagine how frustrating it is with the oven.

  2. I'm with Dee, I can't even imagine your frustration. And just think of the negative advertising Frigidaire is getting here on your blog. Maybe you should pass that tidbit on. I know I won't be quick to buy one of their appliances.
    More snow here starting tomorrow. Bleh.

  3. You have all of the patience in the world! I admire how you just keep chugging along.

  4. Enough already-go on a Caribbean cruise and pay someone to finish the job! Best $20,000 you could ever pay!

  5. Oh man! What a PITA. I would be fighting tooth and nail for a new stove.

  6. That Oven is a big pain in the butt, what a nightmare. Hope Frigidaire people come through for you. Keep sending emails or letters maybe to the CEO...they should care. :(