Sunday, January 9, 2022

Little Feet


Someone asked me what I was going to make for the new Grand. I am making him a pair of baby sized socks at the moment with some leftover Walrus.

I made him this a while back. It's in a toddler size because knitwear on little babies is cute but never practical. 

A while back I had bought some yarn thinking I would make more stuff but.......

....when someone has a closet that already looks like this I shelved the plan-and this isn't  even all of it. This photo was taken early on in the process.

Daughter sent me photos like this almost everyday for the past few months. She has a black belt in shopping.

And speaking of making things. All I really want to do when it's this cold out is cook stuff but I still don't have a working oven so I tried to make a pineapple upside down cake in the crockpot following some tutorials I saw on line. It turned out more like Christmas pudding than cake but it wasn't too terrible. I'm thinking that I should have just made a steamed pudding in the first place because that's kinda what I got. 


  1. Oh my! That is going to be a very well dressed baby isn't he? She has chosen some gorgeous things.
    I have been trying to decide what size sweater to make our new granddaughter. She is due in March, and really, in London she could probably wear sweaters year round, but I'm thinking of making one in a 3-6 month size instead of newborn. Your opinion?
    Oh, and the cake looks yummy too.

  2. Oh what a spoiled grand!! Wonderful. Love the toddler sweater you made and those socks are a great color.

  3. The baby socks are so sweet! I like them with overalls the best! lol However did we do it with only a few nightgowns and sleepers for the first few months....

  4. If I ever had a kid, their closet would look just like that! Lol. The cats are probably lucky I dont dress them

  5. Babies grow out of sizes so quickly that it doesn't make sense to make too many sweaters for them. You were smart to make a larger size...
    Maybe knitting toy animals or cross stitching a lovely ABC sampler is something you would enjoy making. I have all of the samplers my children received up on the wall in the "baby room" and it has always been the perfect place for visiting grandchildren to stay! :)

  6. Oh Deb. That baby boy is so cherished !!!!!! Very practica1 of you. I have samp1ers too. Framed. I have their Christening gowns. I have their 1 st year ca1endars!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! Those socks are darling. And I agree that it makes sense to knit for toddlers.
    Did you knit everything in that closet? If so, you are far more productive than I am!

  8. What ever you choose to make will be a good addition to the well dressed boy wardrobe:)

  9. Such cute socks! I never thought of baking something in my crock pot; it looks like you had a tasty treat. I just made some cinnamon rolls yesterday, and it was pretty obvious that I hadn't done that for a very long time. They taste good though, and that's the point right? Happy knitting!