Saturday, January 8, 2022

A Walk on the Wild Side


Yeah, we got more snow. About 2 more inches and I was not amused. 

I could have stomped around all day about it but the FedEx lady called me and said she had a small package she was leaving at the top of the driveway and since it was so windy I better get up there and get it. It was a Kaffe Fasset pack of charm squares and a layer cake from MSQ. 

Don't let the top floral pattern fool you. These are some wild and crazy prints. 

Fun, right? I've got no plan whatsoever for it all but it sure made me happy on another miserable winter day. 


  1. No snow for the longest time and now you keep getting it. This is the strangest winter for so many people.
    Love your package. Those are great squares and it will be fun to see what you decide to do with it.
    Glad to see you're loving your new shoes too!

  2. Beautiful fabrics! Have fun with them.

  3. Oh, nothing like some charm packs to make you smile!

  4. Kaffe has some wonderful prints - you'll have fun with that one!

  5. It will be fun to see what you do with those charm packs!!