Thursday, January 27, 2022

Starting Over


We've been trying to do a 10 day isolation so we can go see the new baby Grand but stuff keeps getting in the way. 

First we had to have what we thought was a curbside vet visit for Pup yesterday but this time the vet actually came out to the car instead of the tech just taking the dog in. Odd and a bit too close for comfort. $350 later we had everything we needed for an ear infection, a yeast infection and a staph infection. Her allergies have been terrible in spite of the cold and this is always the result. Sigh....

Then we had the water pump for the well act strange and had to call a plumber. I had a plumber in my house. In. My. House....sigh.  He was masked but I still opened all the windows and ran all the fans. He must have been freezing. Fingers crossed he wasn't a walking petri dish but you never know. So we start counting the days again...

And....since I'm on 24/7 doggy sitting duty to keep Pup from chewing her legs off and not a bit happy about it I treated myself to this pattern from Arne and Carlos. It's their Holm mittens in three sizes. I've got all their new Norwegian wool to use up and I think this pattern will work well with it. 

The only problem is that the pattern only calls for four colors and I've got these six to choose from. Decisions, decisions....


  1. Sorry your isolation is prolonged, but good you have both things dealt with! Those mittens sure are pretty.

  2. Sorry for the extras! The new mittens will be a great distraction and travel project!

  3. Hope Pup is feeling better soon.

  4. Aargh! Sorry your first visit with Oliver is delayed. I hope you’ve seen him via FaceTime calls.

  5. I feel you. Because Dave is spending every other weekend with his grandma, we are severely limited what we do and who we see. It's tough. There are so many touch points you dont think about.

  6. So sorry to hear about your troubles. I also have a dog that has severe allergies. I affectionally refer to her as the million dollar dog. Through a lot of hard work and constant monitoring I have finally got her to the 3 month allergy shot stage. One of the things that really helped with her skin issues was making her a vegan. She exclusively eats Natural Balance Vegan food (both dry and wet). Also if it is a foot that Pup continually licks try a baby sock. Our little gal loves to lick her paws raw:( When it is really bad I put a cotton baby sock on the foot she just will not leave alone. Attach it with sports wrap tape. It eliminates the need for the cone of shame.

  7. It all happens at once, doesn't it?

    I hope Pup feels better soon. Kiss her for me.

  8. I'm so sorry your visit with your grandson is delayed again. I hope we get to see our granddaughter within a few months after she's born.
    Those are gorgeous mittens and you have some pretty yarn to choose from. Such decisions!
    We had four electricians in our house just this morning. Then the contractor stopped by to check some tile color. The electrician will be back this afternoon. We've had so many people in and out that I've given up.
    If we go see the baby, we'll be flying all the way to London again. That's a LOT of exposure. I'm SO, SO sick of Covid.
    Take care my friend.

  9. Hope your counting gets you a visit this time! If it isn't one thing it is another!