Saturday, January 15, 2022

Not So Crafty


This has become the most boring blog. The other night I even forgot to make a post. I've got nothing much to say these days. One reason is...Pup. We've been stuck in from bad weather and she's full of energy and she hates it when I sit down and knit-or do anything else for that matter. She stands there and tries to stare me down and if that doesn't work she starts barking at me. 

It doesn't even help to pick her up and put her on the ottoman next to my rocker. Look at that pitiful face. 

She did let me sit and stitch a bit on this later in the afternoon after a walk. It's about all I could handle. One color and a couple of simple of shapes on a small frame. 

The other reason I can't get anything done is The Mister. He's been on a week long rampage over the stove AND now the leaking tub faucet in the downstairs bathroom. I spent all morning researching how to replace the cartridge. We even called Moen to see which one we should use for a vintage 1983 (!) faucet. Honestly, the whole bathroom needs replacing but that's a fight for another day. Believe it or not Moen is giving us a call back on the matter NEXT FRIDAY at 9:30. We can't even get a leaky tub fixed. Is it us or is everything just nuts? 


  1. What a sweet, sweet face pup has!! Your Quaker sampler is coming along nicely. My advice - stay away from the bathroom...get the kitchen finished first!

  2. I'm so sorry. Pup does look kinda pitiful. Does she want to go out with you or does she want to have you throw a toy? I agree with Vera-skip the downstairs bathroom and finish that kitchen! It will do you a world of good to have a finished area so you can start to get some order back in your life! Then hire someone to fix the bathroom! lol

  3. You are NEVER boring Deb. I love to read about what's happening with you. Pup is the cutest little thing. I love with they turn their little heads like that.
    Sorry about the tub faucet but I do have to agree with Vera. One thing at a time! And it's everyone. We have the same kinds of things. The answer is always that there is no staff.

  4. IT's not you. The world is completely falling apart. My plan is to knit and craft until the end!

  5. That's an easy question: Everything is just nuts!
    You are not making dog ownership sound fun. That's fine. Keith hates dogs, so it's cats for us.

  6. OMG! Pup is So adorable! How can you possibly ignore that little face?
    I have to agree with everyone else - ignore the leaky faucet and finish the kitchen first. I didn't even know faucets had cartridges.

  7. Everything is just NUTS! (It's not just you --- or your house).

    We needed a new water filter for the coffee machine. Our local BB&B did not have it, but had another brand that looked identical. Did not fit. (Thankfully, will fit the coffee maker in Steve's fire truck.) So, Steve researched. The BB&B in Allentown said they had 5 boxes. Drove the 35 miles. Nope! NONE! Their suggestion? Amazon! We found another store in a near by town, said they had 2. Nope! One. But one is better than none. Sheesh!

    Took almost 2 YEARS to find two faucets that matched and that would *go* in our main bath. All the stores would have one. All the online sources said "out of stock". ALMOST TWO FREAKIN' YEARS!!! Then the plumber wanted $1200.00 to put them in. Thankfully, found a fellow firefighter that has a plumbing company. Charged us $150. WHEW!!!! And the crazy goes on and on and on!!!!

    Thankfully, I have yarn and cross stitch and podcasts for when I need to decompress.

    P.S. Giroux gives me that same look the moment I sit down. What IS IT with that??????

    P. P. S. Pup is so cute. THOSE EARS!!!!