Saturday, January 29, 2022



The Baby Toy Tree took a trip today and got itself finished. In order to keep an eye on itchy Pup who prefers to sleep on the couch when it's cold I brought the ironing board into my wreck of a the living room to use as a table and got it done while waiting for the big snow. Thanks to all of you who gave me advice on dealing with a dog with allergies. It's good to hear the things you've found that worked. It's been a real struggle.

This was the first project on the new frame stand and it worked perfectly. I really prefer to use a Q Snap so I can curl up with it in front of the TV but when I'm working on something I need to frame I like to use a scroll type frame. The best thing about this one is its ability to flip over easily. When you've got lots of fiddly color changes that's a real bonus. As you can see I'm not the type to worry about what the back looks like. I have a hard enough time keeping the front decent. 

So that's that. That's the corner where I put in the last stitch. I was really sweating out that border. I know mathematically it should all meet up where it's supposed to but I've had it not do so before. Happily it did. I sure hope my kids give me a breather between any new grandkids for a while. I've got stuff I really need to finish before I even think of doing another birth record. Their biological alarm clocks must have all gone off at the same time. 


  1. It's beautiful. That is definitely going to be a cherished piece.

  2. What a beauty of a birth record stitching! You did well on this one against all odds!

  3. I absolutely love that beautiful birth record. It is stunning and so detailed.

  4. That came out beautifully!
    My backs are always messy.