Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Lap Quilting


It's still too cold here for my liking but I found the perfect way to spend a chilly afternoon. 

Buried in the piles that adorn my poor sewing room was Daddio's very last work of art. I have been working on hand quilting it for several years now but after I kitted it up in my new quilting bag I kinda forgot about it. 

I'm on the very outer edges now but there is still a lot of territory to cover. I'm in no hurry. It's always a pleasure to pick up. 

Pup thought so too. She had just gotten a bath and a good snuggle under the warm quilt was a good way to get over the trauma of getting wet. 


  1. The perfect project for a wintry, cold day. Our forecast says we could see some snow Friday & Saturday.

  2. Pup looks sweet sleeping under the quilt.

  3. Oh my word ....... that PUP photo is beyond cute.

  4. It was your dad's! I sti11 use my mom's b1ankets that she crocheted. Especia11y if I am fee1ing vu1nerab1e.

  5. I love that you still have a blanket from your Dad to work on and sweet little Pup seems to approve too. She's too cute.

  6. Oh, that looks very comfortable for both you and Pup! I'm glad you got it out to work on again!