Friday, January 31, 2020


 No. Not Gwenyth Paltrow's Goop. My with-a-little-g goop. When I'm not out wrangling trees I'm in the soap room making goop.

 I've been making lip goop. When I am out in that cold and wind I need lip goop. I can't wear commercial lip goop because I'm allergic to all that SPF stuff so I make my own. This time it's Key Lime. It smells so good.

 I'm also making body butter goop. Store bought lotion makes me itch. This concoction is heavenly. It smells like Creamsicles.

 I keep little pots of all my goop stuffed in my pockets. I slather this stuff all over me and then follow it up with a slick of lotion bar.

Lotion bars are not goop because they have wax in them. They really seal the deal especially on my poor feet. So far, nothing on me is chapped or dried out from all that outside work. Yesterday was a real back breaker. We cleared our blocked path from several fallen trees-none of which were small or light. Ouf.

 I love making soap goop. It's taken a lot of trial and error to learn to work with goat's milk. The secret is turning it into goop with some oil first. I had been using water like the can said and it was very clumpy no matter how much I stirred or strained.

 I've also learned that you need to keep all that soap goop cool or the sugar in the milk browns and makes speckles in the finished soap. It doesn't hurt the soap but I'd rather not have it. Some bars have it some don't. You live and learn.

 Look at that glorious goop. I love a freshly poured loaf of soap. This is before I play with the top. I let it sit for a while to firm up before I take a spoon to it to make some wonky swirls.

Ahhhhh.......this is the last of it. I made 12 loaves unscented, scented, fancy, plain. I had a ball. This one is a remake of my ill fated Windsong Pine that split for the winter giveaway. I love the smell of pine. I have no idea what it's going to look like when I cut it but no matter what- at least I know it's going to smell good.


  1. All of your different goops fascinate me. Your talent knows no end. I'm sorry that you're allergic to so many chemicals in commercial lotions and such. Isn't it a good thing that you can make your own and enjoy it too?

  2. You are like a scientist! And it all looks beautiful!

  3. You are like a scientist ! Have a great weekend.

  4. First of all, you are so talented and creative! I love all your experimenting. All that mixing and experimenting reminds me of baking.

  5. It sure looks pretty from the top. I love the smell of pine too. So fresh.

  6. That is pretty before you swirl , color is great.

  7. Wowza! I can attest to the beauty of wearing both the cuticle cream and the lip gloss! Great job. The new soap is incredible! (yeah, I scorched my first goat's milk soap in the lye and it turned burnt orange. Live and learn!)

  8. I'm so behind reading blog posts but this time, it might be a good thing. I think I just got some lime lip balm and orange creamsicle goop yesterday. They are both Awesome!! Thank you so much!