Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Big Needle Wednesday: On the Mend

Excuse me...but where is my kibble? I need more kibble..
Thank you for all the well wishes for Pup. She wants you to know she's feeling much better. I got a lot of questions about how a vet bill could be that much for a tummy ache but that included x-rays to look for a blockage, bloodwork, a hydration injection under her skin and a shot for nausea and vomiting. I had a Yorkie with pancreatitis in the past so I knew to be worried. Whatever it was, it all worked and we are grateful. It was a scary weekend. She's never really been that sick before. 

 I finished the Felici socks this weekend. Now I have two pairs in the gift box.

Up next are these two new sock yarns. I saw them on a German podcast and had to have them mailed all the way here from Germany. I am going to knit them side by side like I do stripes but I am using the two different balls to change it up a bit. Side by side knitting can get boring and I have to say I did not like knitting those Felici socks. Those stripes were no fun.

The man sock is heading down the foot but look at that ball of yarn. That's Hawthorne. I just finished a pair of Hawthorne man socks and the ball of leftover is almost that big. I'm worried. I wonder if I got a bad skein? I should have weighed it. It did look small when I wound it. Oh, well. I won't know until I run out.

 I am almost finished the bottom band of the Loftoten. Then it will be miles of plain brown up to the armholes. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it.

 And here's an old friend that hasn't been shown much love lately. It's my Tracery vest and I think her time has finally come. I haven't finished her because I am afraid of the arm steeks. I played around with the pattern to make her into a button up vest but then I lost confidence in my ability to make it work. Since I won't know until I finish, I heading up to the shoulders-four rows a night. I've got about 3 inches to go and then........oh, my. It's going to be scary.


  1. Lots of good knitting there tonight. You may not have enjoyed the felici socks but they turned out really nice.
    I was so glad to hear that Pup is doing so much better. These fur babies are something else aren't they? They are truly our babies.

  2. Don’t sweat the steel. You just have to take the leap. Be sure to sew a seam on your machine down each side of the seam you are cutting. It’s only drawback is no frogging. As long as the yarn is wool it won’t be an issue. Cheryl aka seajaes

  3. Yarn chicken and steeking - all while refinishing floors and contemplating a new kitchen. You are a brave woman! So happy to see Pup looking better!

  4. Nice to see all of the knitting; the colorwork is beautiful! I like the sock plans.

  5. Glad to hear Pup is feeling better.

  6. You can do those arm steeks! I believe in you!!!

  7. What a relief that Pup is feeling better. Steeking is scary, but I know anyone who knits beautiful colorwork like you will be successful.

  8. Beautiful projects and beautiful yarns. You are fearless and will conquer any challenges. Having had my share of vet bills, I didn't even blink when reading about the expensive weekend visit for Pup. So glad she has recovered.

  9. I am certain your yarn projects will all work out. So glad to hear that Pup is better! I know it doesn't take much to run up quite a bill a the Vets office. Once dogs get Pancretitis they can get in very easy....Chance got it from eating suet droppings from under the bird feeder once...from French Fries one time and from the bone one time that must have had too much fat on it....and several times from who know what he might have eaten in the woods. It was a struggle for many years.

  10. Wow! Your colorwork is so beautiful!
    Funny, I like knitting striped socks. The stripes make it so much easier to see your progress. Not sure I'd like the fight to get my stripes to match that well though. I tend to go with "coordinating" socks vs. "matching" socks.
    So glad to hear Pup is feeling better.