Monday, January 20, 2020


Yes, that's Thank Goodness It's Monday. I had a HORRIBLE weekend thanks to Miss Pup here. To make a long story short she started having tummy troubles on Thursday which is not unusual but when it got worse on Friday we had to make a very expensive trip to the vet's on Saturday morning. $500 later I spent the weekend on the floor next to a sick little doggie ladling fluids in her every hour on the hour while feeling very guilty about those two chicken nuggets I fed her on Wednesday. Thankfully, she's fine today. Completely on the mend. It will take me a while, however, to recover.  

While on the floor I did get some stuff done while Pup was knocked out from the shot they gave her.  I got the ends woven in on Soldotna #2. 

Ta da..........she needs to be blocked but I think she looks great. I love those colors. 

 Another ta da goes to Mosi Hat #4.  I'm having a hard time not casting on #5 and I would have but........

......I saw this. It's the new Mosi sweater  that just came out. It's already in my queue. I just need to decide on the colors of Palette that match the colors in this one.  I'll even make a hat to match. Squee....

Before all the stuff literally hit the fan around here, I did get some soap in the mold on Friday. The poor loaf had to sit for a long time before I got around to cutting it. It's called Sunshine. I think I'm getting my mojo back. This one looks and smells great.


  1. Poor Pup. I'm glad she's feeling better now. Hopefully you can get some rest tonight.
    Oh Soldotna, you have my heart. She's beautiful Debra. That Mosi hat is also gorgeous and the sweater with all of that colorwork give me hives just to think of trying to knit that. You amaze me.

  2. I'm glad she is doing better--those kind of ripples we can do without! The sweater looks wonderful-nice accomplishment; the new pattern looks delightful, too!

  3. Poor pup! I'm glad she is feeling better, please give her a kiss from me. I hope you manage to continue to recover as well.

  4. So happy Pup is on the upswing - that sweet photo of her! Take care of yourself and enjoy choosing the colors for that beautiful new pattern!

  5. Sorry to hear Pup had a difficult weekend, but happy to hear that she's feeling better. Your colorwork knitting is gorgeous. I find colorwork intimidating, but I admire the work of others.

  6. Glad Pup is well on her way to recovery! Your Soldotna #2 is beautiful! You have a great contrast with your colors and it will be such a great sweater to add to your wardrobe. The soap looks like springtime.

  7. Oh, but how could you not give that sweet face a chicken nuggie or two? I'm always getting a lecture from the vet about over-feeding my floof-monster. But he's just got that FACE!!!
    Glad to hear she's feeling better though. Love you hat and Soldotna! It looks amazing... that new sweater is just gorgeous too.. but I think I'll live vicariously through you on that one.

  8. Take care of pup. 500 dollars ...I hate to ask...but what the heck did they do?

    1. Blood work, x rays, hydration injection under the skin and a shot for nausea.

  9. Hope pup is feeling better soon.

  10. Poor pup and poor you, musta been pancretitis. We struggled with that too with Chance. No fun for man or beast:(

  11. OMG! Your Soldotna is Gorgeous!! and the Mosi sweater is double OMG gorgeous! Can't wait to see your version.
    I'm so sorry to hear Pup was under the weather. Glad she's better now.

  12. Oh no. Poor puppy!!!!! I agree with Jeannie, your soldotna is amazing!!!! you are so good at color work!