Monday, January 27, 2020

Home Again-With Yarn!

 I hated to give up my little knitting corner in the hotel and head home. What's not to like about free breakfast and maid service?

Look at that shower. It's almost the size of my bathroom.

We roared into town Friday afternoon and had to go straight to the arena. Daughter had volunteered to work with the Anti-doping crew so she had to pick up her credentials and be trained. We didn't have time to see anything of the city. We were in the arena until after midnight while Daughter followed her designated skater around waiting for the medal ceremony and the press events to be done with but more importantly for nature to take its course. Ahem. She got a really cool jacket for her troubles.

On Saturday we got to play. The event we had tickets for wasn't until 9:30 that night. First we went to an outdoor rink. I have not had those skates on for 3 years. I was proud that I did not break anything important. I actually had a good time.

 The weather was warm. Too hot for skating. The rink was melting away under our feet so off we went to lunch. Greensboro is an interesting mix of the old and new. When was the last time you saw a Woolworth's?

It's a quirky place where unexpected alleys have waterfalls.

 It also has bathtubs full of yarn.

 Look what I found on the way to lunch. Squeee......I talked that poor shopkeepers ear off. It's been many, many years since I've been in a yarn shop.

 These came home with me. The yarn on the right is from a local spinner who processes and spins her own Tunis fleece. It's my souvenir yarn. I just want to pet it.

 Lunch was hilarious. The town is pretty much shutdown on the weekends since it's a business district. We wandered into a bistro type place that really wasn't set up to feed two tables full of skaters and their moms on a weekend. The poor waitress and cook did their best but it was a comedy of errors when most of the ingredients for the meals were in short supply or non existent. I was lucky, my simple salad was just fine.

 The lady who ran the knitting shop told us about this cheesecake place that was just a few doors down.

 It was amazing. I didn't eat this but I enjoyed looking at it. I had a really yummy orange and date biscotti that I ate so fast I forgot to take a picture of it. It was really, really good.

 If you are ever in Greensboro, run don't walk to Alex's Cheesecakes. You won't be sorry.

As soon as I finish unpacking I'll respond to your soap messages. Thank you to everyone who responded. In the meantime let me leave you with none other than Johnny Weir's re-posting of Daughter's Instagram photo of when they compared Hermes Kelly bags last night. If you don't know what a Kelly bag is-Google it. I promise you your jaw will drop. There's obviously good money in this figure skating thing. Both Johnny and Daughter have several.


  1. There is so much about this post that I love. The shower, the yarn, the chocolate dessert. Ohhhhh, the chocolate dessert! It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time. I'm glad you had the weekend with your daughter. There is nothing like mother/daughter time. It's a gift.

  2. How nice to go with your daughter for such a fun event! I'm glad you enjoyed the skate without an injury!!!! A real yarn shop-what a bonus! I loved seeing the waterfall in the alley!

  3. Goodness! I just want to hop in the car and drive straight to Greensboro.
    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  4. The Opal yarn should make nice socks - love the colors. My friend lives outside of Greensboro - I'm going to have to check out that yarn shop the next time I visit!! I can't believe the price of those Hermes bags!

  5. Fun post from start to finish! The Opal yarn colors are beautiful and a delight to my winter weary eyes.

  6. Great post.

    I want the tub of yarn ..............AND the tub. That is a fabulous TUB! LOL Hope daughter's girls did well at the competition.

  7. What a wonderful weekend and time spent with your daughter! Awesome that you were back on skates after several years and did not break any bones. Beautiful yarn but that chocolate cheesecake looks so delicious.

  8. What a wonderful weekend! So glad you were able to make this trip; I love living vicariously through other people's travels! Tubs of yarn? Hermes bags? Sign me up, please and thank you!

  9. Holy Cats why on earth would anyone pay that much for a handbag? I guess because they can is the answer...
    I liked the tub of yarn!

  10. Sounds like you had a great time and even got to a yarn shop. The latter is a dangerous place though, but it looks like you found some beautiful yarn!