Thursday, January 30, 2020

Out and About

We were back out in the gnarly woods again yesterday. 

 We broke out the chain saws and had at it with a couple of smaller trees that had died last winter.

The Mister cut and I hauled and stacked as usual. I didn't even use a cart today.  If the neighbors had looked out and saw me slinging those big logs around they probably thought I was Wonder Woman or something. Truth be told, logs from dead trees don't weigh much at all. It was easy work. I was very proud of my pile.

 It was another beautiful day. The sky was so blue. The giant trees are already budding at the top.

 Pup comes out with us but I keep her bundled up in her stroller. 40 degrees is fine when you're working but it's chilly when you are just sitting still. I am also nervous about our big birds of prey. She might make a tasty meal to one of those ginourmous eagles I see from time to time out back. I'm not taking any chances.

 Well, hello.......look who's in bloom already. My camellia is covered in buds.

 The crocus are also up. I was really surprised at this until......

 .....I saw the daffodils. What on earth?

 Holy cow, even the bulbs in my pots are peeking out.

 Dad's potted Black-eyed Susan has been slowly coming back to life for weeks now. I guess someone is saying winter is a lost cause. I hope not. I'm still hoping for some snow.

After the cutting and hauling we took off to the beach to let Pup stretch her legs. There were barefoot girls eating pizza on the sand which seemed like a very good idea at the time. This winter is just crazy.


  1. Wow! Blue skies, daffodils, flowers and buds. Unbelievable. It's beautiful and it gives me hope that spring will come although it IS only January.
    It's smart to take precautions with Pup. At the lake we have seen the damage that eagles can do . They are beautiful but they are also birds of prey.

  2. Pup looks like "this be my regu day,do not all pups do this things?"

  3. Whoa, a bit scary to see the plants coming to life in January! Pup is adorable in her stroller.

  4. It's always so exciting to see the first signs of life spring back in our gardens! Great job on the log hauling! (even dead, the logs are still a handful--you are a wonder woman!lol)

  5. Colin had some daffodils coming up in one of his beds! That is a beautiful shot of the sky. Keep that Pup safe!! We used to worry about Maestro our little calico kitty with all the hawks. I don't worry about Tyg - he is a beast! LOL

  6. Sounds like a good day - progress on clearing trees and time on the beach. Once it is hot, humid and insects are out in force, you will be so glad to have all that work completed.

  7. I think I must move to your area. You have the heat that I love and your winter is you even have winter? All those buds!! Seems you should be in Florida or something! Thanks for the photos, I treasure them this time of year. Many inches of snow still on the ground. National Snow sculpting competition this weekend in lake geneva

  8. This winter's weather has been nuts! I'm with you - I'm still hoping for a little snow. These nice spring-like days are pretty nice though.