Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Decisions, Decisions....

 Look what was waiting for me when I got home. It's my order of Palette for my Mosi sweater. Maybe.

 Is there enough contrast here? I dunno.

 I also ordered this dark green for it but now that I see them together and in person I don't think it works.

 Or does it? I dunno.......maybe I'll just stick to three colors. The pattern calls for just three. I'm sure I can find something else to do with the dark green.

 Look what else showed up. It's my Plotulopi all the way from Iceland. It's for my Altheda pullover.

 It's an unplied yarn that most people find scary to knit with. Being a spinner you'd think I wouldn't be one of these fraidy cats but I have to say after looking at it-it's pretty scary stuff. This should be quite the adventure.

Lofoten is now just miles and miles of plain ole knitting so I need a challenge. I'm just not sure what to start first. Mosi or Altheda? Or how about both?


  1. Oooh they both sounds great and I like the yarn you've chosen. That unplied yarn does look terrifying. Does it have any "give" at all?
    I'm waiting on a Knit Picks order but all I got was two skeins of sock yarn. I had a gift certificate that I won and I'm looking forward to seeing the skeins I chose. Yarn is always exciting, especially when it's not the acrylics I usually use for my charity knitting.

  2. Beautiful colours! Liana

  3. You do best with both on your needles! The colors look great together-just my kind of earthy colors. I do know that they do look all mid-tone but you won't know how they work until you do a little swatch!

  4. I like your choices of colors and I'm curious to hear how that unplied yarn knits up.

  5. knit a swatch and see if you like them together. That's probably the best way to tell!

  6. Love those colors! I think the green would be okay. It looks like it's got flecks of the other three colors in it.

  7. What beautiful supplies and interesting decisions you have to make. Love the colors of Lofoten.

  8. I love all the colors. I am not good at them though. I use that color wheel cheat sheet which of course I cannot find right now. But the photo with the 5 looks fine to me.! i have to ask you if you want some very fine cotton yarn ? zach brought to me from Mexico. I think it can only be used for towel making