Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Tiny Needles, Big Needles and a Big Mess

 I forgot I actually did have some tiny needle progress this week. I got the flower stems and leaves done on the right side of my house.  My plan is to divide this project into monthly goals because I would like to see the end of it by 2021.

 On the big needles I have socks. My Felici twins are almost at the heel.

 Soldotna is heading toward the dreaded bottom ribbing. There's not much bounce in this Knit Picks tweed so I think I'll be okay this time.

 My fourth Mosi hat is almost done. I love these light little caps. I wear them in the house at night when the sun goes down and it gets chilly. We have a heat pump and it's not bad as long as you're moving but it's always chilly at that time in the evening that I want to sit down and just knit. A hat and a warm shawl helps keep the migraines away.

 I finally cracked the code on the Lofoten and I'm pretty close to the top of the sleeve. My love for it has returned, thank goodness. I thought it might go in the frog pond.

The big mess looks like this. This is the hallway. It's like living on a train. The floor people are coming tomorrow so our clutter has to be moved into other already cluttered parts of the house to clear the living room completely.

My sewing/soap room took the brunt of it. Yikes. I am going to be living downstairs in the lower level craft room for the two day duration of the refinishing. At least down there I'll have a place to sit down.


  1. I'm so impressed by all of your projects. They are so intricate and beautiful. Colorwork. I'm terrified of it but yours is amazing.
    Progress is being made and soon you will have such an amazing space to live in.

  2. Good luck with the floor! It will be so nice to have that part completed. Your projects do all look wonderful. As Betsy commented, so intricate and beautiful. I love those socks too and I will NOT go look at that yarn on line. I NEED to knit from stash for a bit.

  3. It's fun to watch your tiny needle progress on the sampler. I kept all my cross-stitch supplies and some patterns in hopes that someday I'll do it again.

  4. Beautiful colorwork on your needles-just so perfect! The renovation looks exhausting! The end is in sight!

  5. Each of your projects is just so beautiful! I can't even pick a favorite. It is so good that you can retreat downstairs while all the floor work is being done. How wonderful it will be worth it when all the work is complete and you have everything back in place.

  6. What a lot of lovely things to look at here today! Your colorwork really is so beautiful but I especially love those socks!
    Living with any kind of remodeling is so difficult - we had part of the house painted before the holidays and are scheduled to have the rest done soon and I am dreading it. I just hide.

  7. Such pretty projects! Hope the flooring install goes without mishap!

  8. Lots of work and hassle now but it will be so beautiful when you're done. There is nothing quite like new, wood floors.