Thursday, January 16, 2020

Too Much of a Good Thing

Off we went early yesterday morning to pick up more molding. 

Usually a road trip is good knitting time but as soon as I picked up my needles I had a problem. It's a good thing The Mister packed some tape so he could flag the molding if he needed to.

 I had an ouchie. I've knit so much lately that I've poked a whole in my finger. I am a continental knitter and I use my index finger to push the top of the needle for some reason. It's automatic. I wasn't even aware that I did it until it started to hurt. The electrical tape worked like a thimble. All was saved.

 In spite of my fix I didn't end up getting very far. We were in the truck and Pup was stuck on my lap being a pain the whole time. I ended up walking her around the parking lot while The Mister did his thing in Home Depot.

Back at home The Mister got the quarter round stained so today we can get down to some serious nailing.

 While he was busy in the living room I spent some time in the soap room. Yesterday's soap turned out nice. I was happy.

It's Twisted Violet and it smells just like those Choward candies I used to buy in New Orleans. It might just be a new favorite. Here are all the spring fragrance samples I am working my way through. I just noticed that there is a lot of citrus scents. This blah winter must be getting to me.


  1. Pretty soap! Your big project must be moving along! :)

  2. I had to adjust my knitting style for just such an injury! Good thing you had the tape!
    Hoping you can move the furniture back in the living room today!

  3. Glad you had some tape to protect your finger tip. I push the tips of my needles and manage to break the skin until I develop a callus. Since I haven't been knitting recently, I predict I'll be wearing a bandage when I pick up my needles again.

  4. Your knitting progress yesterday was lovely so I'm not surprised about your finger! So many projects! I would want to work on all of them and most certainly would end up with an injured finger - electrical/duct tape, the most wonderous invention!

  5. The soap is so pretty. I bet violet smells wonderful. I use my finger to push the top of the needle too!

  6. I have a callus on the tip of my right index finger because I do the same thing. It sure does hurt sometimes if it gets poked just right, even with the callus. Glad you had that tape handy!
    I'm glad you're seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for the living room and you may be able to put some things to rights there. Chaos and me don't do well together so I think I would be a nervous wreck by now. Ha!

  7. Your Twisted Violet soap looks beautiful and definitely says spring. That is a wonderful collection of fragrances you have to experiment with on future projects. Great that your remodeling project is moving right along.

  8. Electrical tape for the win!!!!