Sunday, January 5, 2020

Heads Up

 It's getting close to that time. I am starting to test and wrap the last of the winter soap so the giveaway can't be far away.

 In fact, it will be on the 26th. The last Sunday of the month.

 This will be a limited edition giveaway. I made big chunky bars this time so I only have a few of each scent. I should have enough so that everyone can get one but I am too lazy to label all the different fragrances. Instead I am just calling them all Milk & Aloe since these are the bars that I made with aloe juice instead of water. I also used four different milks so they'd be nice and creamy. I'll describe the scents on the 26th but this is the way they all will be labeled.

This is the soap that I had so much trouble with during the pour. The batter was weird but I am loving it in the tub.  I also hated the tops but now that I look at them cut I love them. Speaking of the tops, I get that chunky sparkle by mixing cosmetic glitter with sea salt. It makes a pretty topping but make sure you wash it off before you use the soap. It's not pleasant to get a face full of salt as I discovered the other night.

 And look what I found at the grocery store the other day. First they had a big handmade soap display, which they still have, and now they have yet another brand of cold processed soap on the shelves.

To top it all off they even now have their very own store brand handmade soap. Good golly. This soap thing has really taken off.


  1. Wow! That soap is beautiful. Especially the gray one. It looks elegant. Yes, I'd say the soap thing has defintely taken off. :-)

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw the photos was how beautiful the wavy tops were - so distinctive! Your soaps are always so lovely and fragrant!

  3. That soap is just beautiful (as always)! You have a flair for making and packaging the soap. I went to a demonstration on soap making at the library a few months ago. The gal was no competition for you. Actually, I felt sorry for her because she mentioned that she did fund raisers but was not very successful at that. Her packaging left much to be desired. If you picked up a soap to smell it, the label would slip and slither off. Nothing at all like your presentation. You just take it to another level.

  4. Your soap is superb; I look forward to the giveaway! The bars of soap with the logo 'indented' for lack of a better word, look really pretty! how did they do that?!

    1. It's probably a soap stamp which is a stone that you push into the soap while it's still soft. I have several but I can't ever get them to look right.

  5. I have this thing for charcoal. Charcoal face masks. Charcoal dog treats for bad breath. Charcoal soap. Is that charcoal?

  6. Those soaps of yours look so chic! Liana