Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Big Needle Wednesday

 The one thing I've been able to do in this mess is knit. It's the only thing saving my sanity at the moment. I just grab a project bag and zone out in a corner somewhere. The stripey twins are heading down the foot.

The latest man sock is getting a heel.

 The conjoined sleeves of the Lofoten are done.....

 .....and I've cast on the body.

 My fourth Mosi hat is at the top decreases.

 Soldotna was very naughty. Her hem rolled AGAIN. I had to rip it out all those bound off stitches and add another inch or so. The trick is that ribbing has to be at least 2 inches. I don't know how the rest of the people who knit this did it but the itty bitty hem the pattern calls for just won't work for me. Now I have to get her sleeves off the holders and rib them and she'll be history.

 As for the epic remodeling mess, the molding is painted. Tomorrow we have to go off to Home Depot for quarter round and then we'll get it down and move everything back into the living room. Yay.

One of the bad things about having all these shiny new floors is that Pup slides on them if she tries to run. She has two torn ACLs in both her back legs so sliding is a no no. I am trying out these little gripper socks to see if it helps when she gets in the mood to play. She looks ticked off here but she's just tired. We just got back from a trip to Petsmart and she's all worn out. She actually wore the silly little socks for a long time without a problem much to our surprise.

And that soap I made yesterday....well, it's weird. It's kind of bumpy and the colors look meh. I am finding that goat's milk is hard to work with. It turns everything brown and the fat in it gets a little clumpy. I don't think my aloe juice is helping either. It has bits of pulp in it. I run everything through a strainer but it still has an odd texture. In 6 weeks I'll see if all this was worth it. I hope so. There's a lot of expensive stuff in this soap.


  1. Lots of pretty, pretty knitting here. I like it all, but the Mosi hat and Soldotna always grabs my attention. The Man sock is a pattern that would be good for dress socks for Dennis for work. The older Chloe gets, the more she slips and slides on our floor too. I worry so much about her hurting herself. Those cute little socks would never last on her though.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  2. The knitting is absolutely beautiful! Ribbing helps the roll but it can problematic. No easy answers except to make it long enough like you are doing! Cute pup socks; hope it helps!

  3. So many beautiful projects! That Mosi hat is just gorgeous. Poor little pup - I'm surprised she keeps the little socks on!

  4. Pup looks so cute in her little wee socks!
    Mom's new dog Chevy goes for surgery at the end of this month... he has something torn in his knee. He won't slow down, so the poor boy is limping all the time.

  5. Gorgeous knitting, especially the colorwork. I hope you will share the sleeve steeking process - I'm curious.

  6. Colors are great on your projects. I like the soap look, :) Remember one woman's meh, is another woman's really like it. :) If not
    there wouldn't be so many colors or patterns of yarn, cloth,floors,paints. ;)
    You are doing great.
    Pup realizes you are doing good for her.

  7. When I look at all your knitting projects, I am just amazed. They are beautiful and I think you accomplish so much. I saw a vendor who was selling handmade knits at a craft show right after you frogged your first Soldotna. Every sweater she had rolled up at the hem. Hope the socks work for Pup when she is not too tired to run.

  8. Oh yes. You cannot have her sliding and needing surgery ! Huck slid on snow once going down hill and needed hock surgery and 6 weeks rest . Thousands of dollars. YIKES> All of your knitting i s color work and so so beautiful DEB!

  9. All your projects look great! You are a fast knitter! We had friends with an dog with similar problems they put down runners of rugs so he could come and go as needed and not slip on the floor:)

  10. Pup looks so cute in her pink slippers.