Friday, January 10, 2020

A Swing and a Miss

 My soaping day started out with a win. Sister had asked that I make some unscented goat's milk soap for a friend and everything worked like it should.

 In no time at all I had a lovely little loaf.

The next morning it was ready to cut. No drama here.

Then I went to clean up and wrap the last of the giveaway soap. This is what they all look like. I used a gradient colored batter separated by a thin pencil line of sifted mica. Nice and simple-I thought. Mica is what gives all the soap its colors but here you use it in its powdered form instead of mixing it with oil.

 Well......if you sift on a touch too much the layers will separate and-they did. Argh.......I lost one whole loaf of my favorite new pine scent. I was not happy.

Yep. Too much mica. Now I have lots of little pine scented hand soaps. I am sad to say I am down six bars for the giveaway but I promise if I do run out you will go to the head of the line for spring. I've got some very interesting new fragrances already on the way-plus some unscented goat's milk soap curing.

Is anyone else interested in unscented goat's milk soap? I've got a big container of powdered goat's milk that has to be used up and I can make more and have it ready in six weeks.... as soon as I clear out the soap room from the floor mess.


  1. Debra, you are always so generous in your giveaways. I will bow out of this one and give someone else one of your precious bars of soap.
    That goat milk soap looks wonderful. So smooth and creamy looking. Does it feel the same?
    Take care and stay warm out there. We're in a winter storm warning for the next two days at least and then it's into the deep freeze out here in the wild west. :-)

  2. Sorry about your mica problem. I liked so much the way this soap looked, so minimalistic and at the same time luxury. And as I prefer smaller bars both parts still look like nice soaps to me. Goat soap sounds great! Liana

  3. I think both pieces look good and small or large, they should work. I never knew they would split...but then I don't make soap, so how would I? I love all the swirls you put on the top of your soap - so pretty! Makes them look wind-swept.

  4. I think the small bars are great just as they are. Goat milk soap is divine.

  5. That's disappointing! Even small, they will make good sink soaps!

  6. Oh, no on your soaps! It sounds like there is a delicate line between not enough, just right and too much. Goat soap sounds interesting. You are so creative!

  7. Oh no! I'm sorry the soap didn't work out as planned but I think the halves are still beautiful. If you hadn't said they were mistakes, I'd never have known. The one with mica is gorgeous! Looks like it is capped with a layer of copper and the top section is beautiful in it's minimalist simplicity.

  8. You are still learning! Yes I would love some unscented goats milk soap as you know we cannot do scents! :)