Saturday, January 4, 2020


 When I walked in the door yesterday from my week of kitty sitting I almost had a heart attack. I'd forgotten all about this giant mess.

Making matters even worse is that The Mister called me on day two of my trip complaining about hurting his back. He couldn't move off the heating pad for days so the place was not only a cluttered disaster, it was filthy. I spent my first morning home cleaning the place to within an inch of its life and did many, many loads of laundry. I won't even tell you about the kitty box situation. 

 In spite of everything it's good to be home. Especially now. Look at that dandelion. You'd never believe it was January. It was a beautiful day. I even opened all the windows. After all that cleaning I needed to get out into the sunshine.

 Pup needed to get out too. The Mister had been no fun at all while I was gone.

 I needed a trip to the water. The clouds over the low sun were very pretty. I could have sat there and watched them change all day.

I missed the New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge this year but the stuff was still there.

 You could still see where all the people were by the footprints. The Mister saw on the news that it was big crowd. I guess so. The weather was in the 50's. I love winter and I love snow but I can't complain. It was good to get out.


  1. Wow! You have some great weather. We've had 11 inches of snow this week but most of it melted because it was 49F today. I'll take it but would rather have your warmth and sunshine! Pup looks happy to be outside with you.
    Hoping The Misters back is much better by now. Just think how great the living area and kitchen will look when it's all done. (I'm trying to help.)

  2. Ahhh, home sweet home! I imagine it was a jolt for you to come home to the renovation project mess! (My DH forgot the litter box once for 5 days--I could've died at the smell and couldn't believe he hadn't! lol)

  3. So sorry to hear about the hurting back - hopefully, it will soon improve! How wonderful to be able to get to the waterside - I miss that!

  4. So sorry the Mister hurt his back, that is no fun at all. Glad you are home, so sorry about the mess.

  5. No dandelions here... just cold and grey.

  6. What a great photo of Pup and time out in the mild weather. I am sure it was quite a contrast to walk in your door after being away for a week. Now that you are back home, time will probably move along at a steady pace. The end result is going to be awesome.

  7. I cannot believe how warm you get !!! Really didn't know anything about that area until I began to follow you!"

  8. just got back from a long hike in the wooded trail that is well cared for in our area. Man, it was cold. I had my heated vest on , and that helped. Grrrrr. Hope your husbands back is improving. That is a tough and painful situation. Fireman had back surgery and the injuries and rest time were not fun.

  9. Hope your hubby is all better soon! A dandy...lucky you to be warm enough!