Friday, January 3, 2020

Something New

 Every year I like to try something I've never done before and for 2020 I picked...gouache. I had to laugh at how excited everyone was to find out what it was. I hope it's not too disappointing. It's just paint.

 I saw someone reviewing this paint set on You Tube and thought I would give it a try. Of course. I'm such a sucker for DIY videos. That's how I got into all that cookie decorating trouble.

 After you peel off all those tin foil lids this is what you get. Gouache is like a thick, opaque watercolor. It's kind of like the poster paint you used as a kid.

 I made a swatch page and had fun with it using it like a watercolor. It stays put more than watercolor but you can still use it pretty much the same way.

Daughter's kitties were very interested. I love painting there because she has a big island with a sink. You can get fresh water to clean your brush whenever you need it without getting up. That's nice.

 It mixed well and when it dried on the palette it came back quickly with a little water. It does dry faster than watercolor but it's not chalky.

 I was painting my big kitty stamp with it when I remembered......

...there is a reason you get two whites. Instead of adding water to lighten the color you are supposed to use white which creates a very different look. That's a game changer. Now I need to start over and do it right.


  1. That is SO cool! I'm curious. When you finish is there a lid you put over it to keep the unused paint from drying out? Those colors are so vibrant. I love it. The kitties obviously did too. :-)

    1. The box it comes in shuts tight so they don't dry out too much. You just spritz them with water if they do-like watercolors.

  2. Love your watercolor adventures and this one looks very interesting! This is a great way to start a new year!

  3. Ha! I never would have guessed paints. They look like a lot of fun, and pretty colors!

  4. Oooh, I know you'll have fun with that box of paints!

  5. Paint , who would've thunk it? Not I, says this reader.
    Cool , looking forward to this.

  6. Oh, I will be interested in how you like this medium! I look at the paintings in Pintrest done with Gouache and wonder....

  7. Looks like fun paints to work with. I had no idea that the photo yesterday was a set of paints. Your colors are so cheerful. Sure you will enjoy experimenting more and more.

  8. I used it once or twice in school, but I always preferred my acrylics and water colours.

  9. Very pretty! Have fun with the new paints.

    (I'll admit. I looked it up. You know, impatient me!!! LOL)

  10. Fun!! I love the vibrancy of the colors!