Tuesday, January 7, 2020


 I don't have much to show for Tiny Needle Tuesday this week but I do have lots of Icelandic goodies to show off. We trekked up the Daughter's yesterday to get my rewards for kitty sitting.  First of all I had to get my hands on her lopapeysa. Like any good knitter I immediately turned it inside out. I wanted to see the stranding and the neck construction. It's folded over and tacked down in case you are wondering. That's how I do mine too.

 My phone's camera does not show the subtle differences in the grays. It's got blue grays, green grays, brown grays. It's really gorgeous. It's also made from a lighter weight lopi than I usually use. I need to get some Lettlopi because the weight of this is just perfect. My lopis are too heavy and warm for regular use.

 I couldn't wait to get into my goodie bag. First there was an adorable felted sheep ornament. Squee......

 Look at these felted sheep magnets. Double squeeeeee...........

 How about a felted soap that smells like honeysuckle? Yum. I've seen people make these but have never used one. Have you? I'm intrigued.

 Then there was the yarn. This is the actual yarn that the designer of the Mosi hat recommends for the pattern. It's her brand. It's soft and lovely. I can't wait to make another hat with it. I've already got number four on the needles now but when it comes off this is going right on.

 For the Mosi mittens she brought me back some Einband. It's fingering weight Lopi. I'm in love.

 This looked interesting.

 It's a kit. It has three lovely coordinating balls of yarn......

 .....and a project bag with a book that has patterns that call for those three balls of yarn. I love it.

 Daughter brought these back for herself. They are lined with flannel. Working in an ice rink she goes through a lot of mittens.

 These are beauties. The construction is interesting. They have a small icord/latvian braid thing going all around them. I have never seen that before but it keeps the mitten stiff and in shape when you have it on your hands.

 Daughter splurged with this kitty sculpture. It's big. It's magnetic so you can move the parts around.

 She was thrilled to discover that Reykjavik was covered in cats. They are a very big deal there and are celebrated all over town.

She didn't see many cats because there is a law that you must keep them inside in the winter but she was told that in the summer the cats rule the town.

Finally, she picked up these his and hers Christmas ornaments for her tree. It certainly was a trip to remember not only for Daughter but for me too.


  1. OH. MY. Yes I used caps. Yes, I'm yelling. Your daughter definitely knew what to get a knitter. It's all beautiful. It's all gorgeous. And I'm in love with it all, especially the sheep magnets and ornament. And the sweater. And soap, and.... Well you get the idea. You are a lucky, lucky girl.

  2. Looks like you will be happily busy this winter. Such nice gifts.

  3. Clearly, your daughter shares your eye for quality and creativity: all the items are beautiful. I'm eager to see the things you make with the yarn.

  4. Oh wow! A jackpot!! Love those little sheep. I have used felted soap and like it. BUT...the YARN!!! You are one lucky lady Deb. Can't wait to see what you make. Now I want one of those cat tee-shirts.

  5. that's it! Iceland is definitely on the bucket list!

    Love all your little gifts. Lucky you!

  6. What wonderful gifts for you and souvenirs for your daughter! All are just wonderful but, of course, I love the cat sculpture and t-shirts. Her sweater is just beautiful and would feel good on this damp, dreary day.

  7. The Mosi hat will have such fuzz and bloom to it! I think it will be amazing. I love the cat sculpture! What a great post this was Deb!

  8. You will be busy with projects! So fun to see what your daughter bought!

  9. I love your gifts! I bought myself a few cats from Jim Shore for Christmas this year. One was a hanging bird house kitty, and then a mini cat, and a large (20" high) sitting kitty with a hat that I just love! I had to stop there but didn't want to. https://jimshore.com/search?type=product&q=cats

  10. Wow to all of the yarn and patterns and happy hours ahead! The sheep are going to be so cute on the fridge in your newly renovated kitchen!
    What perfect cat souvenirs to bring home!

  11. Very nice things. Will have to look up "felted soap". Interesting.