Saturday, February 1, 2020

Knit Spelled Backwards

 Tink. Tink. Tink. That's what's been going on around here.  The newly cast on Mosi sweater has been naughty and I had to get all the way around to that marker to fix a stupid mistake. I had to count to 5. In my defense, sometimes that's harder than it seems.

 That's nothing to what happened the night before with Tracery. I was all ready to start the neck shaping when I noticed the back pattern had gone haywire-a looooong way back. I tried dropping the stitches down and knitting them back up with the right strand but that only really works for small sections. This was a mess. I had no choice. I had to tink back all four rows. I think I'm done. My brain froze up at midnight so I'll have to take another good look before I start again. Gosh, I am so over this tinking thing.

 I did have good news ( I think) with the man socks. I finished the first one and I still have 56 grams left. That should do the other sock. I hope. I wouldn't bet money because the knitting gods are not with me at the moment.

I cast this Opal sock on to take with me to North Carolina last week. I needed a Magic Loop travel sock that wasn't as dark as the man sock because I had planned on doing some arena stitching. I never did. I got all this done in the hotel.

My racing twins haven't had much love this week. Blue is winning at the moment even though I really like the yellow and purple ones better. I am not sure how I got four pairs of socks on the needles at the same time but I do know I better find something good to watch on TV. I've got a lot of mindless knitting to do. Any suggestions?


  1. Love your socks! Every time I see your knitting posts feel like I need to cast on some socks too but... this week I am in spinning heaven :) liana

  2. Oh tinking is NOT fun! I had to do that with my shawl earlier this week. Thank goodness it's back on track now. You have some beautiful socks going.
    How are you making the cuff of the man sock? Is it k8p2? I think Dennis would like some in the pattern you're using.

    1. It's K8 P1. I wish I had done K7 P1 because the pattern didn't work out on the foot so I had to just knit it in plain stockinette.

  3. Have you tried Stranger Things on Netflix? My husband and I just started it last weekend and are already on season two. It's addicting. I also started The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon prime last night and it looks very promising.

  4. Gah - I would be going batty with all that tinking! you are a brave woman.

    If you haven't watched all three seasons of the Crown, it's fabulous.
    And if you don't mind a little gore (think Game of Thrones), the Witcher is decent.

  5. I think I'd queue up some podcasts and get the needles clicking. Happy knitting.

  6. Oh, no, on all the tinking. Hope it is smooth knitting from here on out. The socks are all beautiful but the Opal sock is awesome. I received my giveaway package today and everything smells so wonderful. Really looking forward to trying the body butter and have already tried the lip balm which is wonderful. Ever though the lip balm says nitetime, I just had to try it. The card is just adorable. It doesn't look like we are going to have any snow for making snowmen so I'll just leave the card on my desk for now. Thank you so much for the generous gifts!

  7. Club Tink has expanded its membership this week!
    I need a knit to go right, too. Love all of the socks!

  8. Oh I like all your sock colors especially the Opal. Hope you got all the frogging done for now:)

  9. Tinking is exactly what I've been doing - two , both easy-as-pie patterns and I somehow managed to mess them both up and not notice until I was four rows past - hubris on my part, thinking I didn't have to pay attention! :(

  10. Oh Yes! Watch the old Gray Gardens Documentary then watch Bill Haders Take off on Documentary Now about grey gardens.called Sandy Passages. Good for a laugh. I loved netflix CHEER

  11. I'm so sorry for all the tinking you've had to do but gosh - that Opal sock is going to be fantastic! Love that colorway!