Monday, February 24, 2020

My New Piles

I've got piles of stuff everywhere. Stuff I'm knitting, stuff I'm quilting, stuff I'm stitching and cards I am working on but nothing compares to the piles of wood I've been making all week. This is the pile I made Friday. I not only stacked this one, I split it while The Mister worked with the chain saw on that giant tree.

 We don't like to use the noisy chain saws on the weekends because of the neighbors so we spent Saturday and Sunday quietly splitting and stacking.

I could watch The Mister split wood all day. By the time I've got one wagon full loaded and hauled he's got another two logs split. I can't keep up.

That's only ONE log's worth of split wood in case you're wondering. We have a regular assembly line going. He splits it. I haul it over to the tree, line it up.....

....climb over the tree and fill my wagon. We're working in a different area now. It's all downhill but I've got to maneuver around the last two big trees we have yet to cut up.

 Here's my new pile. It used to be the patio where my picnic table was until...

....Hurricane Irene. You can just see my poor picnic table under the giant tree that came down on it in 2011. The trunk of that tree is still in the yard. You can see it sprawled out in the photo above. It was a black walnut and we've been trying to cut it up for years but it's not budging. That's some hard and heavy wood.

For those of you not in the least bit interested in wood (and I don't blame you) here's Pup in her sweater. She spends the day pouting while we work. Little does she know in this photo that as soon as were were done she was getting a dreaded bath. She was covered in sawdust-and so was I. For future reference, NEVER wear fleece pants out to work with wood unless you want to toss them in the trash. I spent all night picking sawdust out of my favorite comfy PJ bottoms. Lesson learned.


  1. You and The Mister must have some awesome muscles going on. Splitting wood is such a hard job and then carrying it too. I'm guessing it seems this job is never ending for you.

  2. Wow! You are like Wonder Woman when it comes to hauling wood! You must be so strong! Well done!

  3. Holy Cow! That is one heck of a lot of wood. You and The Mister must be exhausted!!

  4. We are doing the same thing --- splitting and stacking.

    Pup looks so cute in her sweater.

  5. I have one of those little carts and they are AWESOME. I use it to haul dirt and plants around all summer.
    And once, these guys came to chop up a tree that had fallen, but apparently there was a communication error... they were told it was little. It wasn't as big as yours, but the trunk was still pretty heavy. I saw them out there struggling, and lent them my cart to haul the big pieces to their truck. I've never seen two happier guys.

  6. How long does it take the wood to dry or “season” so it can be burned?

    1. At least a year but since we have so much wood the wood we use is usually several years old before we use it. The drier the better for the environment.

  7. I like firewood, you guys are busy. Good for your health as well.
    Our pup loves to help on all projects as well.

  8. That is quite a process you have and pretty impressive results. Pup looks absolutely adorable.

  9. or a fleece coat...lesson learned her too! We used to burn wood. If you stack your split pieces on both ends and do just a couple of pieces one way and the next level the other way you will have a real sturdy stack then you can really make a tall pile:)

  10. I used to love to stack wood but that is a marathon of work out there!

  11. That's a lot of wood! Pup is adorable in her sweater!