Thursday, February 6, 2020

Rain, Rain Go Away

The trees are out there taunting us now. We were on a roll with this wood thing and then the weather turned on us. The tree on the right is the next to go as soon as we get out there again. It doesn't look that big in the photo but it's huge. They are all huge. It's going to be a challenge to clean that mess up. 

Since we were stuck inside I made more bath bombs. You can't usually make these when it's raining but it was only 38 degrees out at noon so having the heat on kept the indoor humidity nice and low. I really need these as we are having a water softener crisis at the moment. Our fancy system is not regenerating. I had to do it by hand which means our water is as hard as nails. Bathing has not been fun and the bombs really help soften up the water. Time to call the Culligan man.

 Being stuck inside also means plenty of knitting time. The Mosi sweater is up to almost 400 stitches for the yoke. It's slow going but still a fun knit.

 The sock siblings are all getting attention. Some more than others.

 Thank goodness Tracery is back on track. I am heading towards another rose window and everything needs to line up. At the moment it does. Fingers crossed.

 Lofoten is finally starting to show some progress. I'd like to get to the underarms before I pack it up for spring. I'm probably not going to have the mojo to tackle that complicated yoke once the weather gets nice but we'll see. Stranger things have happened.


  1. We have a water softener too and it changes everything. Now I can't stand hard water at all
    All of your knitting looks so great. You have so many colorwork projects going. I really admire that. So pretty.

  2. I wonder if it's the same huge system that's moving across us right now. We were up to snow and they say freezing rain by afternoon. Yuck. Glad I can stay inside!

  3. I am in awe of your knitting. Gorgeous!

  4. What absolutely beautiful projects you have in the works! I am amazed at how you rotate your projects and know what you are doing. I am just hoping we make it thru this weather today without any damage. We have had tornado warnings all morning. Ugh!

  5. We had 3 inches of rain yesterday and today was sunny but CRAZY winds! Lots of schools were closed due to flooding & power outages from all the trees blowing over. Thankfully we stayed dry and kept our power. (Knock on wood!) All your projects are beautiful and I absolutely Love the colors in your Lofoten.

  6. That storm system even hit us! Sorry for the halt to your wood progress! The knitting is absolutely beautiful!