Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mosi Madness

 Mosi hat number 5 is a done deal. It's the red one.For someone who never finishes anything I'm pretty impressed with myself. I am seriously thinking about digging through the stash and seeing if I can make a purple one.

The Mosi sweater is also chugging along. I am about an inch past the armhole divide. In case you are wondering, that is really my feet in the photo. I know I usually wear Crocs but is was raining today and we had just got in from shopping and I hadn't changed out of my Uggs yet. They are so comfy I forget I am wearing them.

 Speaking of shopping, we just finished loading up the pantry/aka empty Chewy boxes for what The Mister called the Epic Pandemic Trip. Daughter called this morning and scared the daylights out of me. She's friends with a lot of people in the international skating community and what's going on out there in the world is insane. This virus is no joke. People are being quarantined for weeks. Since I don't have much of a kitchen or a pantry anymore I thought it might be a good idea to go get some non-perishables and fill up the freezer-just in case. You never know. Our stores empty out if you even whisper the S word. I can't imagine the insanity if we were facing any kind of a quarantine.

Ditto for the critters. The Mister and I can live on ramen and canned veggies but the kitties and Pup-not so much. They also have ground chicken, turkey and fish fillets in the freezer-just in case.

I came out of Walmart with what you see in the photos above. This is what The Mister came out with. He couldn't imagine being locked in the house for a month without any......peanut butter cups? Really? I don't think he's taking any of this seriously. I hope he's right.


  1. I've been following this pretty closely since the beginning since Alex is in Japan. It's very scary and last night the CDC said it's very likely to spread here in the U.S.
    We've been stocking up too. I went to Costco today and apparently I wasn't the only one buying toilet paper!
    I hope the news is all wroing but based on what is happening in Italy, it doesn't look good. The only continent the virus isn't on as of 7:00 tonight is Antarctica.
    I'm with the Mister though. I think I need peanut butter cups!

  2. That virus is just so freakin scary. But your Mosi hats...gorgeous (as is the sweater).

  3. Love the Mosi hats--how about a sweater to match each one?!
    I hope the virus is just a hype. So far the virus isn't so different than the flu--it causes respiratory problems, but it's the already weakened (sick) and the very young and very old that are at highest risk. Stocking up isn't a bad idea because a frenzy does result!
    The buying frenzy here happens when they say the H word! lol

  4. I don't think it's ever a bad idea to have some extra necessities (and that includes peanut butter cups!). I know whatever I buy will be used because I try to rotate things in the pantry so to me it's a smart investment in any case.
    Your hats are really beautiful as is the sweater! Nothing can be wrong about a purple hat!

  5. Thankfully, my pantry is always stocked and I could easily live off of it and my freezer for a few months. The virus is going to hit the US, and communities need to be prepared. The hats are beautiful. You definitely need a purple one!

  6. Haha - the Mister is my kind of man! Peanut Butter cups are ESSENTIAL!

    You collection of Mosi hats are just gorgeous!

  7. Oh those hats are masterpieces!!!!!!! You are so good at detailed fair isle! WOWOWOWOW.
    Hmm Haven't thought about being sequestered here ....
    I picked up a mammogram copy from my last years scan and man there were people all over the lil Wisconsin waiting room with masks on. Im glad IM out of the beside nursing career. Everyone got so worked up and it was an emotional enough unit! What could I need to get by for a month? bread. Water. Maybe a little butter or a margarita mix

  8. I too hope the Mister is right... and if there's a quarantine, I'm coming to hang out with him! I'll bring the wine.
    Btw, your sweater is looking fabulous!

  9. My Husband likes Special Dark too and we are always prepared!