Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Home Cooking

 For one reason or another our cats decided to get the whole household up at 6:30 yesterday morning. The Mister was not amused but I thought it was perfect timing. I had beignets to make.

 I didn't have a lot of hope that coming from a mix they would meet my expectations but......

 ....they certainly did.

 Look at that. A puffy pillow of perfection. Just what you need with your cafe au lait as the sun comes up. Well done Cafe du Monde, well done.

 When your morning starts with beignets your day has to end with a pan full of dirty rice and collard greens....

....and some maque choux. If you have never made this before do it. Do it now. I had never even heard of it but it's sooooooo good. Even with soymilk instead of cream it was yummy. It's going into permanent rotation.


  1. Oh my goodness sakes! Everything on your post looks delicious. Especially the beignets. I'm so glad they made up for the restaurant one.

  2. Nice job on the beignets! Glad the kitchen had such successes!

  3. My mouth is watering BIG time! LOL. Your beignets look so good (I have used that mix myself and liked it). But Maque Choux! I had forgotten all about that and I love it. We used to go to a restaurant (The French Bistro) that had a Cajun inspired menu and they always served Maque Choux with whatever you ordered. I'll be making it soon!

  4. My Mom made the best fry bread with sugar sprinkled on top, and I miss it! I’ll pass on the corn - it doesn’t agree with my digestive system.

  5. Wow! What a day of pre-Lent feasting! Those beignets look tasty; I'm going to google that mix! Have a lovely day!

  6. Those beignets certainly look delicious! I think I could make a meal on just the maque choux. Great eating at your house.

  7. Gosh, now I'm starving! Even the collard greens look good and I do NOT eat collard greens. (I know! I'm a horrible southerner!) Now I'm off to Google maque choux.