Thursday, February 20, 2020

I Knew It

 If you had that I was going to rip out that wonky sock ribbing on your bingo card congratulations. I said I wasn't but I did.

 We had to go to the dump and then do some shopping so I took advantage of car time to do it-again. This time I counted and counted and counted again. Twelve rows. That's all I needed how hard could that be? I am hoping the third time is the charm.

My punishment is to have to work on my travel project while I binge watch whatever thing I am watching on Netflix. Right now it is You which is the worst thing ever but totally addicting. I will get to the next season of The Chef Show but right now I'm on a roll with my diet so food shows are completely off limit especially on You Tube. I'm looking at you Babish.


  1. I'm sorry. Ripping out knitting is so frustrating.
    I'm trying so hard to stay on my WW plan, but with gaining weight from medicine changes, I get so frustrated. Hopefully it will all settle down soon though and the scale will head downward again. Good for you being so dedicated that you aren't even watching cooking shows.

  2. Lol. Dave and I had to stop watching Mary Berry's and Andrew Zimmern's shows because they just made us want to eat constantly.

  3. I knew you would! (I would too.) It should go smoothly for you now.

  4. Yes, I would have frogged it, too. Now, it will be smooth sailing.