Saturday, February 29, 2020

Down Time

 This was the fourth do nothing day in a row. First it was rain and then it was more rain and then it was wind and yesterday it was The Mister's elbow. All that wood splitting and hauling took a toll on his arm so he's down with an ouchie. I spent the day spinning.

 All my spinning stuff is piled up in a crowded corner of the sewing room but I managed to dig out the California Red and this cotton.

 I listened to some true crime podcasts while I spun. Anything to take my mind off what was happening to that little retirement nest egg I have invested. It's been ugly. I've had to stop looking.

 I've got only this much more of this Merino/Silk to go. I really feel bad when I am not knitting with any handspun since I have so much in the stash. I guess I better go pattern hunting for something to do with it since that will determine how I ply it.


  1. Oh yes, Dennis has been having conniptions. I hope the free-fall stops soon. Thank goodness for fiber and yarn to distract us, right? I hope The Mister's ouchie is better soon.

  2. The color on that merino silk is simply gorgeous.

    Hope the Mister is feeling better soon.

  3. So pretty! As for retirement, keep your eyes closed. It will bounce back eventually. The market crashed the morning I received my inheritance from my mom. I lost almost 50% of it before I even knew it had finally gone into my name. The good thing was that within a few years it was back to where it had been And, I got to take a write-off on my taxes for 8 years.

  4. The colours in that merino silk are so pretty!

  5. Great spinning. I don't think anyone was not hit but the market selloff this week. You are not alone!

  6. Oh, spinning is so relaxing! Good choice to keep you busy in the down time from being a logger! lol