Friday, February 28, 2020

Sweating with the Oldies

 I couldn't ignore it any longer. It was time to do the shoulder shaping on the Tracery vest that I have been working on for more years than I care to recall.  I just want to knit ya'll. I hate that shaping business. I followed along on a Blueprint/Craftsy class I bought ages ago because just the idea terrified me.

 First I had to take all the shoulder parts and put them on a holder after binding off the steeks. That I could do.

 Then......I had to individually knit each of the four shoulders separately which means PURLING in colorwork. I was in a tizzy the whole time thinking about it. The video lady said I could just keep breaking the yarn and knitting from the front but that sounded like crazy talk to me. That's just too many ends flying around.

Well now, look at that....purling in stranded colorwork is actually not as hard as it seems. It turned out just fine. I wouldn't want to do a lot of it but for a few rows it wasn't so bad. Silly me for getting so worked up about it.


  1. That is just plain amazing! It would terrify me to do that. I must admit, when I saw your title I thought I would see Richard Simmons! I used to do those workouts all of the time. :-)

  2. That is like speaking Greek to me. You surely are talented and up for almost anything, because of your knowledge of all things knitting. Wowee, is all I can say.

  3. I was also wondering about the title and certainly thought of the Simmons workout dvds! What you're working on is WAY more strenuous than those workouts and the results are looking good!!

  4. Don't you wonder why we get so worked up about trying something new?! You can do this!

  5. It all sounds very impressive to me and, as usual, you conquered the challenge. Looking forward to seeing the completed vest.

  6. I remember this project! I still can't believe that you steeked; I am not that brave. That is going to be a gorgeous vest.

  7. It is amazing. It is art!!! Im so proud of you

  8. As a podcaster once said's only hard until you try.

    Guess that worked for you.

    P.S. I have lost your email address. Could you send me an email so I can put you back into my contacts? THX.