Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bless You Jeff Bezos

 Pup and I literally spent yesterday in the truck. We had to get up early and follow The Mister up to the Ford place to deal with a recall on the new Escape.

 Since it was going to be a several hour ordeal The Mister decided to make it a shopping day. He needed new sweatpants. We ended up going to about a zillion stores looking for some plain old sweatpants. Pup and I sat and knit in the truck while I thought about how lucky we are to have Amazon. I could have had those pants delivered today. Instead we used up a tank of gas and an entire afternoon looking for some. He finally found the kind he was looking for on clearance at a far away Marshall's. I hate shopping.

 It was a long day. Pup got to visit Allen Pond twice. We were very tired and hungry. Thanks to her recent pancreatitis attack we skipped fast food. That's no fun. That's the best part of shopping. At least the weather was good. It was 70 degrees.

The pond was the best part of the day but I have to say, up close and personal, those Canadian Geese are not very nice critters. There were about a zillion of them all claiming the sidewalks and the paths as their own. They are pretty fierce. Pup was lucky not to have gotten booped by one. We don't really see squads of them down on the Bay. Good thing. They certainly are messy-mean and messy.


  1. We have a lot of Canadian geese at the lake in the summer and you're so right. They can be mean and the mess they leave from their droppings is awful.
    I feel the same way about Amazon. I ordered a book on Sunday and lo and behold, it was in my mailbox today. No searching and driving to and fro.

  2. Amazon is my best friend - lol. Those geese ARE messy. We have them at work and you really need to watch where you walk!

  3. I'm another one who hates shopping--Amazon is the dream come true for me! yes, geese are so pretty as a pair-more than that and they are a pain!
    Oh, the time my bil thought it would be nice to raise some geese at our swimming pond--you couldn't walk, spread your blankets or towels! We never let him forget that summer!

  4. There's a joke that says something along the line of: Canadians are so nice because they put all of their nastiness into the geese.
    You pretty much summed them up ... messy and mean. I still love them though.

  5. Oh... another spot for plain sweatpants, should the need arise again... Old Navy. They are usually one of their staples (and they deliver and free by-mail returns)

  6. Well, it was a wonderful day for an outing and you and Pup had some good walks. Amazon makes living in a small town much easier. In spite of trying to shop local, there are so many things that are not available. And then there is Chewy for pet food, supplies and medication. They have the most awesome customer service I have ever experienced.

  7. Awww. Im so with you. I hate shopping for clothes. Fireman and I were just talking about going through our closets and seeing what is worn and what we can replace. I cannot believe how warm you are! I may have to move by you. We are cold cold and snowy. Nothing big, but its February!! And I need multiple blankets for bed!

  8. Those Canada Geese are so noisy and messy and mean! I hate shopping too except maybe for craft stuff:0

  9. Geese are so pretty on the water, but they sure do make a horrible mess on land. And yes, they can be pretty territorial and mean.