Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday: Spring Fever

It was too hot to work on the wood pile yesterday. I would have died if I had to put on all the protective clothing I usually wear. It was almost 70 and sunny.

The Mister went out to lunch with a friend and I spent the afternoon puttering around from thing to thing. I got a few stems and leaves done on the sampler. I seemed to have stitched myself into a corner. That was pretty poor planning. It's a good thing I never frame these things or this would be a problem.

I made bath bombs. I need to use up any leftover fragrance oils now that the spring soap is all made.  That's Creamsicle and Lemon. My house smells so good right now.

I went down to the card room and worked on Valentines.

 It felt weird to be working on Valentines when it was so warm.  A perfect Valentine's Day for me is a white one. There's still time but a peek at the forecast shows nothing but rain, rain and then more rain. Ugh.

Here's an update on that electric eraser. Don't waste your money. I couldn't get it to erase anything but pencil and who needs a fancy doo dad to do that? Not me.


  1. Those little hearts are so sweet.

    Yeah ...........I hear you on the rain. That's in OUR forecast too. :-(

  2. We could use some rain--share or send it our way! lol The cross stitch is coming along--it is frustrating to have your count off, though! You will figure it out!

  3. I had windows open too! isn't it great to air out the house? Pretty stitching. I don't frame the majority of what I stitch. I have a dresser drawer filled with finished samplers - lol.

  4. Looks like you had a very productive day. Yesterday was crazy warm for here too (about 42F)Today looks like rain, possibly snow (though not much). They are saying snow is on the way but I don't believe them anymore

  5. It looks like you did get a lot done while The Mister was away. Those cards are really cute. We're going to get snow today and tomorrow. Another 4-8 inches of it. If I could send it your way I definitely would. :-)

  6. Love your Valentines even if the weather is not what you would have preferred. Sure your house smells wonderful with fresh air and soap aromas. You don't frame your beautiful samplers?

  7. I bet your house smells fantastic! It was so warm here yesterday I went for my walk in a short sleeved t-shirt and braless! (Thankfully we are the only house on the road so I can get away with some pretty scary outfits for my daily walk.) Your valentines are fantastic and I love the ...zentangle?? I love doing those but I can never get mine to come out even. There's always a bunched up section.

  8. I do not frame my stitching either. Love the cards, they have a lot of heart :) Liana

  9. Aw. Your stitching is still beautiful DEB! Your Valentines are like quilts. LOVe them